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A typical experiment involved the dissolution of the drug in a suitable solvent.

The radioiodierende to compound mg was placed in a 2-mL serum vial which was then sealed with a teflon coated rubber septum and an aluminum cap. This gebrauchsanleitkng information is for the purpose of disclosure of information from the applicants believe that it is for the present invention may be of interest, provided.

Transfer proteins usually mediate the movement of hydrophobic materials associated with lipoproteins in the circulatory system.

The LDL-particles can be loaded by one of several known in the prior art method with the radiolabeled probes of the present invention. Administration of these ethers solubilized in Tween to rats that were subsequently inoculated with a carcinosarcoma cell line resulted in selective accumulation of the radiolabel in the tumor cells Canadian Patent application no.

A sterol derivative can be one of the sterols commercially available, or it may be a derivative of one of those sterols that can be easily prepared by standard synthetic methods, which are well known to the skilled person. In one embodiment of the present invention, the radiolabeled sample which is either incorporated into AcLDL or a microemulsion, is administered in a single unit injectable dose.

A compound according to any one of claims 1, 2, 3 or 5, wherein selected I from the group consisting of I, I and I.

Compound 9 or compound 12 can alternatively be subjected Teiliodierungsbedingungen to obtain compounds of formula 1 that are mono- or diiodsubstituiert. In one embodiment of the present invention, a microemulsion is used as Donorteilchen to load LDL with the radiolabeled probes. One skilled in the art will also recognize that compounds of formula 1 in which R ‘and R “are other than H may be prepared from compounds of formula 1 in which R’ and R” are H, by reaction with an amine protecting group or an alkyl halide can be prepared using standard procedures.


The compounds of formula I as shown in Scheme I by using a combination of conventional preparative steps and recovery methods known to those skilled in the art of organic synthesis, can be produced.

Factors that must be considered when the suitability of a core lipid for use in microemulsion formation is determined, include the incorporation amount of the hydrophobic radiolabeled probe into the microemulsion and the biocompatibility of the oil.

Tissue distribution of liposomes exhibiting long half-lives in the circulation after intravenous injection. Developmental changes occurring in the lipids of ram epididymal spermatozoa plasma membrane. Alternatively, a cancer cell line can be used, as has been demonstrated that tumor cells an increased expression of LDL receptors have [see for example, Ho et al, Blood.

Amplifier molecules derived from diethylene triaminepentaacetic acid for enhancement of diagnosis and therapy. It is therefore intended that the scope of the present invention comprises analogs of the Sterylrestes, which maintain the overall hydrophobicity of the molecule. The present invention also provides the use of compounds of formula I and compositions comprising these compounds for diagnostic radioimaging available.

manduca First – manduca EN

Both mp-TdR and dp-IUdR were synthesized by the reaction of either [methyl-3 H] -2′-deoxythymidine or 5-iodo-2′-deoxyuridine with palmitic acid chloride in dimethylacetamide. Twelve male New Zealand White rabbits 2.

Aldehyde gebfauchsanleitung is either commercially available or can be prepared by standard reactions known to one skilled in the art are prepared. Wie andere Lipoproteine, sind Chylomikron-Reste mit bestimmten Apoproteinen assoziiert; Like other lipoproteins, chylomicron remnants are associated with certain apoproteins; in diesem Fall apo B und apo E.

Therefore, they are in no way limit the scope of this invention. Weichert et al, J.

Where are we going and how far can we go? A diagnostic kit comprising the compound according to any one of claimsa suitable carrier vehicle, reagents necessary for the radiolabeling of the compound with an appropriate radioisotope of iodine and instructions for use. The administered dose unit of the application and individual mammal which will receive the administration, depend. Durch Ultraschallbehandlung By sonication. In one embodiment of the present invention, the efficacy of the radiolabeled probe for the visualization of atherosclerotic lesions is tested in a mouse model.


These mice carry a double mutation in the apoE Apolipoproteingen and the LDL receptor and can spontaneously form atherosclerotic lesions.

DE60105596T2 – X-ray diagnostics – Google Patents

It is thus shown that the high numbers of LDL receptors are a common feature of cervical cancer cells. Compositions comprising cationic amphiphiles and co-lipids for intracellular delivery of therapeutic molecules. The cells are lysed and the amount of radiolabeled sample taken from the cells can be determined by measuring the associated with the lysed cells radioactivity.

Dose ranges for clinical radioimaging can be readily determined by professionals. So beautiful Before, you often stood in front of the mirror and looked at yourself with a critical eye. The amounts of radiolabeled sample associated with the LDL can be prepared by standard methods, such as are determined by using a gamma counter.

Localization of the radiolabeled probe is performed by conventional clinical radioimaging techniques. If the radiolabeled probes of the present invention have been incorporated in a suitable carrier vehicle, the incorporation amount can be determined by the amount of radioactivity associated with the loaded delivery vehicle is measured by standard methods, for example by a gamma counter or a scintillation counter. Examples include, but are not limited to, liposomes, antibody-bound conjugates, hydrocarbon derivatives of targeted microemulsions of the compound, LDL or chemically modified LDL such as acetylated LDL or oxidized LDL.

Britax Römer KING II LS 2018 (10 Colours)

Composition comprising the compound according to claim 6 and yebrauchsanleitung carrier vehicle. Herstellung von Verbindungen der Formel I I. Ever since your precious little one has been in your life, you know that anything is possible.

In general, isotope exchange involves mqnduca of the substrate in a “melt” with radioiodine using a suitable reaction medium and elevated temperatures. The appropriate fractions were combined and the solvent removed by a gentle stream of nitrogen. For this purpose, the reaction medium be [may for example benzoic acid, acetamide or pivalic trimethyl for example, see Weichert et al.