Page 1. Module. 3. Machinability. Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur. Page 2. Lesson. Failure of cutting tools and tool life. Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur. Page 3. Recommended materials for machinability. Parts made from both ferrous and non -ferrous material can be machined. However, materials like plastics (with or. Page 1. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur. Module. 3. Machinability. Page 2. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur. Lesson. Cutting Tool Materials of common use. Page 3.

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Grinding wheel specification, classification, Thermal aspects, Lapping, Honing, Super finishing, Drag finishing, vibratory finishing, Applications.

Cutting Tool Machinabillty of common use. You have to be logged in before you can add this course to your SpeedyCourse calendar. Special purpose machines for thread cutting and gear cutting hobbing and shaping.

Concept of Machinability and its Improvement. Enter the activation code here:. Typically, the part to be created is first described using a CAD model, then converted to G-code mafhinability a CAM program, and the G-code is then executed by the machine control computer to move the cutting tool.

This course also gives emphasis on cutting fluid bptel and its effect on operators, environment and water pollution. Generally, diamond turning is restricted to certain materials. Kinematic system and operations of milling machines.

Manufacturing Processes – II NPTEL

Please help improve this article by machinabilkty citations to reliable sources. For best possible quality natural diamonds are used as single-point cutting elements during the final stages of the machining process. Diamond milling can be used to generate aspheric lens arrays by annulus cutting methods with a spherical diamond machinabllity. A diamond-tipped lathe tool is used in the final stages of the manufacturing process to achieve sub- nanometer level surface finishes and sub- micrometer form accuracies.


Plastic optics are frequently molded using diamond turned mold inserts. Diamond turning is turning with diamond as the cutting tool. Control of cutting temperature and cutting fluid macjinability. Generation of surfaces by machining, basic operations on shaping, slotting and planning machines, lathe, drilling and boring machines and grinding machines.

The form accuracy is measured as a mean deviation from the ideal target form. Shear zone, Chip formation, chip thickness measurements, machining mechanics of ductile and brittle materials.

Diamond turning

The term single-point diamond turning SPDT is sometimes applied, although as with other lathe work, the “single-point” label is sometimes only nominal radiused tool noses and contoured form tools being options. KDP is water-soluble, so conventional grinding and polishing techniques are not effective in producing optics.

Construction, working principle and applications of shaping, planing and slotting machines. Temperature control is crucial, because the surface must be accurate on distance scales shorter than the wavelength of light.

Purposes of jigs and fixtures and their Design principles. Even with the relatively high volume of optical components manufactured using the SPDT process, this process cannot be classified as mass production, especially when compared with production of polished optics.

January 18 Monday — January 18 Monday. We have detected that JavaScript is disabled in your web browser. Retrieved from ” https: Sign jptel for free. Diamond turning is specifically useful when cutting materials that are viable as infrared optical components and certain non-linear optical components such as Machinabilihy.


Principles, Systems and Applications. Quality control is a major part of the diamond turning process and is required after each stage of machining, sometimes after each pass of the cutting tool.

Free Online Course: Introduction to Machining and Machining Fluids from NPTEL | Class Central

To support our site, Class Central may be compensated by some course providers. If it is not detected immediately, even a minute error during any of the cutting stages results in a defective part.

Cutting fluids for machining advanced materials, high speed machining, hard machining. Despite all the automation involved in the diamond turning process, the human operator still plays the main role in achieving the final result. Forces developing and acting in machine tools. The granite base is placed on air suspension on a solid foundation, nnptel its working surface strictly horizontal.

NPTEL :: Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing Processes II

Sign up nptwl free. Glossary of glass art terms Glass recycling. Conversion of tool angles from one system to another. Principles of assembly engineering, theory of dimensional chains, fully interchangeable and selective assembly. Details Material Removal Processes: