Scandal in Spring (The Wallflowers, Book 4)? Ehhh not so much. Although not as good as the first three, I found A Wallflower Christmas to. The Wallflowers are four young ladies in London who banded together in their wild and wickedly wonderful searches for true love. Now happily married, they. Read “A Wallflower Christmas A Novel” by Lisa Kleypas with Rakuten Kobo. The Wallflowers are four young ladies in London who banded together in their wild.

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This is when we are introduced to Ms. So I had to go buy it the day it got out ; I enjoyed the book quite a bit, though, so it was worth the hardcover price. Best of all, his love letter to Hannah was utterly swoon-worthy. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy. As it turns out, I’m just as immoderate in love.

The wallflowef that happened, even if it does not actually play any role whatsoever to be fairI lost my interest a A Christmas love story isn’t usually this heavy. My only complaint was that I only got a glimpse of Simon in this novella. I could see why Rafe fell for her, and I definitely saw Rafe’s appeal.

She slowly became more willing to spend time with Rafe which in turn, helped her get to know the man underneath lissa facade.

A Wallflower Christmas (Wallflowers, #) by Lisa Kleypas

You submitted the following rating and review. The problem was, I didn’t really like him. My wish is that one day LK visits these characters again–aren’t there more Bowman brothers to write about? She made him want to be very, very bad. A Wallflower Christmas is a story filled with humor, hope and love.


Unfortunately, Rafe has his obligations, and Hannah knows what will happen if he disobeys his father. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Hannah was a wonderful heroine, sweet and outspoken at times. And, on top klehpas that, we were treated a brand new, beautiful romance.

Because of Miss Bridgerton. This was a bittersweet farewell to a series that made waallflower cry, swoon, laugh and sigh. There was a side of him that no one really got to see, and we didn’t really learn too much about it until Lillian told Hannah the story of the toy lia.

Born to Be Wilde. Love in the Afternoon. Now happily married, they join together once again to help one of the world’s most notorious rogues realize that happiness might be right under the mistletoe.

A Wallflower Christmas

I loved how she read A Christmas Carol to the children each night, and Rafe couldn’t resist listening as well. I can’t say that I entirely understood Hannah’s initial dislike of Rafe.

We appreciate your feedback. She kind of seemed to have it in for him before she ever met him, and then his uncouth American ways, and worse yet him accosting her in the hallway with a passionate kiss, only added fuel to the fire. I loved their witty dialogue, Hannah’s put downs, their passionate interludes, and I loved how Hannah got Rafe to consider his happiness and his future.

I wish all fabulous series had a wrap-up book like this.

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas — All About Romance

That scene was truly powerful for me because it truly showed how much the Wallflowers are caring women who would treat anyone like their own family. Bowman, once again, decides to match make.


And the moments between St. When he meets Natalie, he likes her a lot. I need too much of you. It was also great seeing the Wallflowers interact with their husbands, and to see how deleriously happy each of them were in their marriages.

He is the eldest Bowman son, and his controlling father has made it clear that he will accept nothing less than Rafe’s complete cooperation in this matter if he is to remain heir to the Bowman fortune. It Started with a Kiss. Kleypas had chrsitmas another way to handle this part of the story. Wicked and the Wallflower.

I just loved the fact that Hannah is so sweet and her belief in true love is just truly mesmerizing to listen to! Once again, when the four wallflowers got together, it was magic.

Es un libro corto que se lee en un suspiro. A Christmas to Remember. The romance between Rafe and Hannah wallflkwer a delicious mix of sharp, witty dialogue, heady chemistry, heated kisses and tender, sensual love scenes. He is supposed to get married to the daughter of a wealthy nobleman in England, but instead falls for her companion, Hannah.

He had the power to break her heart into tiny, little pieces; but despite his low opinion of lisaa, and his reputation, he wasn’t a callous man.

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