Limbal dermoids rank among the most common tumors of the corneal limbus. They are ocular choristomas and can occur in a variety of sizes. Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — Limbal Dermoid. Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — The Hairy Eyeball — Limbal Dermoid.

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All excised limbal dermoids underwent histological examination. Solid dermoids of the limbus and the cornea.

Sutures were removed within 2 weeks.

One of these eyes with treatment with Mitomycin C 0. Reduced inflammation with consecutive protection of the limbal stem cells is another commonly assumed mechanism of action. Grade II limbal dermoids are of larger size and extend into the ,imbal stroma down to Descemet’s membrane.

Amniotic membrane transplantation for conjunctival tumor. Thirteen patients underwent simple surgical excision to remove their dermoid at ages ranging from 8 months to 15 years. The group concluded multilayered amniotic membrane transplantation may be effective lkmbal the treatment of deep ulceration of the cornea and sclera.

Fibrin-glue assisted multilayered amniotic membrane transplantation in surgical management of pediatric corneal limbal dermoid: The role of ultrasound biomicroscopy in surgical planning for limbal dermoids.


Management of pediatric corneal limbal dermoids

The appropriate time of intervention and the best surgical technique for removal of the pediatric limbal dermoids are subject limbla discussion. Support Center Support Center.

Opacification of part of the graft was seen in Ophthalmic Surg Laser Imaging. It is derjoid that these children undergo close clinical observation with serial examinations in the office, not only to monitor stability but also to provide reassurance for parents.

All surgeries were performed by the same surgeon. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Basic and Clinical Science Course. A complete removal of the dermoid was achieved in all but one of the operated eyes.

J Genet Hum ;1: Allogenic limbo-keratoplasty with conjunctivoplasty, mitmycin c, and amniotic membrane for bilateral limbal stemm cell deficiency. One of these eyes was initially treated with bare-sclera excision; the other three eyes had undergone transplantation of amniotic membrane. In all but one patient, the minus cylinder axis of the astigmatism coincided with the location of the dermoid. Please review our privacy policy. Mader TH, Stulting D. In the presence of amblyopia, one must exhaust all efforts to treat amblyopia medically, including with spectacles and occlusion therapy.


All the patients showed reduction in astigmatism and eyes improved functionally. Then the complete lamellar en bloc excision of the corneal and scleral parts of the dermoid was performed including the removal of the entire adjacent conjunctiva.

Surgical complications included pimbal re-epithelialization, interface neovascularization, graft rejection, and steroid-induced glaucoma.

Management of pediatric corneal limbal dermoids

Outcome of lamellar keratoplasty for limbal dermoids in children. Preauricular skin tag, right ear.

This prompted initial referral to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Pediatric Ophthalmology division for evaluation. There are recognized clinical indications for proceeding with surgical excision ilmbal anterior surface reconstruction in patients with a grade I limbal dermoid. The lid coloboma see Figure 3 does not result in corneal exposure and will not require surgery. Temporary signs of ischemia after treatment with Mitomycin C Figure 2b resolved completely and did not pose any further complications.

The corneal shape has stabilized on the right side since the surgery and there is limbak significant astigmatism.