LEY 76-02 PDF

LEY 76-02 PDF

Law No. Establishing the Criminal Procedure Code of the Dominican Republic. Ley N° que establece el Código Procesal Penal de la República . Get this from a library! Código procesal penal concordado: normativa complementaria y notas explicativas: Ley [Félix Damián Olivares Grullón; Ramón. Código procesal penal concordado: normativa complementaria y notas explicativas: Ley 4 likes. Book.

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Fifth, to ensure that appropriate institutions and persons represent the government before international organizations involved in the fight against cybercrime and the fostering of cyber security. For main legislation enacted which governs the Public Ministry see under Transparencia – Marco Legal.

The homepage of the CARMJ provides links to the other two institutions and is particularly useful to understand the fundamental changes brought forth by these reforms, especially in criminal and family matters. The consequences of these conflicts led alternately to dictatorship Ulises Heureux, -anarchy -occupation of the territory by the United States military forces -dictatorship Rafael L. The Courts of First Instance are divided into: A National Health Commission was created to promote overall modernization of the health sector.

The fundamental reforms of the Criminal Code authorized by Decrees No. The University has two Law Schools, one on each of its campuses.

Metadata of the document in the Legal Tools Database:

The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over any cause of action brought against the President, the Vice President, or other public officials, as designated in the Constitution.

Military Government ruled the country by martial law through legal instruments denominated as Ordenes Ejecutivas Executive Orders. International cooperation Legal Framework.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales is the State agency responsible for the protection of the environment and development of natural resources, see under Transparencia — Base Legal for laws, resolutions and decrees regulating this sector.


The Code covers matters regarding income tax, tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services ITBISand selective consumption tax.

Once a bill is approved, it is sent to the President of the Republic for promulgation and subsequent publication in the form established by law. The constitutional reform of June 13,modified Article of the Constitution to allow once more the reelection of the President for a following consecutive term. The Council selects one Magistrate to serve as President of the Court, and designates a first and second substitute to replace the President of the Supreme Court of Justice in case of absence or incapacity First Vice-President and Second Vice-President.

Minors and Juvenile Courts. This ldy Code constitutes a profound transformation of the criminal procedure system in the Dominican Republic.

There are two main bookstores located in Santo Domingo which specialize in Dominican legal materials. This new law provides for mandatory and universal coverage of all Dominican nationals and foreigners residing in the Dominican Republic against risks of aging, disability, unemployment, sickness, maternity and childbirth, and labor risks.

The Senate is empowered to select the members of the Central Electoral Board and the lfy of the Chamber of Accounts.

ICC – Legal Tools record: Ley No. que establece el Código Procesal Penal de []

Supreme Court of Justice. Most of the government offices responsible for the regulation and supervision of specific social or economic sectors provide access on their homepages to the legal framework of the sector.

Soon after, the French colony of Saint Domingue was established which divided the island into two distinctive cultures — The French on the western side of the island and the Spanish on the eastern [4]. See the Code updated through Delgado, The Legal System supra note 3, at Its decisions are final and irrevocable and constitute binding precedent for all public authorities and all State agencies.


As part of the awareness activities on cyber security in that country, the government of the Dominican Republic has conducted various awareness campaigns with other state institutions in order to inform the general population on Internet threats and risks and to provide advice on best practices related to information security.

The most recent amendments to the Tax Code are: The Dominican Republic has signed several free trade agreements, which are still in effect. This work is a valuable source, in English, on the evolution of the Legal System of the Dominican Republic until Unable to control the country effectively, the then governing authorities ceded the country back to Spain in Supreme Court of Justice [28].

The treatment of violations of such treaties should 76-022 the same as 7-02 treatment for violations of the Constitution [22]. Minors and Juvenile Courts 2. Lfy provides free access to the electronic text of the book, Tratados y Acuerdos Internacionales de la Republica Dominicana, —edited by Aida Montero Funglode, 14 v.

Depending on the case, the Courts of First Instance are presided over by a sole judge who hears punishable acts, which are liable for monetary fines or punishment, by incarceration for a maximum of two years or both penalties at the same time.

These translated codes, with little adjustment to local needs remained as the law of the Dominican Republic for more than one hundred and fifty years [11]. Two major law firms are: