Home | LEGO | SYSTEM | Space | M:Tron | – Particle Ionizer | Instructions. Instructions for – Particle Ionizer. o · Download a PDF of this set. 25 Items ItemName: Lego Particle Ionizer, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and % complete set with box and instructions. LEGO set database: Particle Ioniser. Set number: ; Name: Particle Ioniser; Also known as: Cosmicopter; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Action/.

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Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. No, many new Lego sets provide spares for the smaller pieces. Couldn’t find the building instructions that you were looking for? Each step is easy to follow and clear on what pieces are to be used.

Lego has a service where you can order separate bricks or contact them when a brick is missing from your set. The concept of a space-themed helicopter is quite levo, and it looks sleek and is loaded with tools and equipment.

Instructions for 6923-1 – Particle Ionizer

How can I prevent my Lego toys from discolouring? The robot is brick built and is the ever so handy helper.


This was helpful The special Duplo theme is suited for children aged 1,5 and up. Can Lego and Duplo bricks be used in combination with each other?

A lot of goodies attached to this container. Some nice pieces but they don’t fully make up for the low piece count.

Sign up for a new account in our community. There is also a gun connected to a hinge on the front of the craft, whether it is for combat or research is unknown.

The crane makes use of two hinge joints. The container holds a spare jet booster. During the age of interplanetary travel, a need for the movement of packages containing supplies arose to the point that space travel itself came to a halt. There is a Lego brick missing from my set, where can I order a spare one?

The windscreen can open 90 degrees. Using its array of scanners, Particle Ionizer was able to pinpoint any unexpected hazards several parsecs away and thus, safely averting danger whenever possible. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Peeron: Particle Ionizer (#)

lgo This piece in red is only found in this set and serves a vital role in the completion of the build. There are two black jet pieces on the lower bottom. This set is not overly large but still has a formidable size for its piece count. He does not attach to anything directly, but with the side panels closed, he won’t be going anywhere. The cockpit has a printed control panel and a 1×1 clip plate that moves up and down. The instructions come in the form of a small booklet that is about half the height of the larger booklets.


Two that may need identification are the “flashlight” second to the right and “detector” middle. What is the best way to apply stickers on Lego?

Duplo bricks fit pego on larger Lego bricks and could come loose form smaller Lego bricks. A large selection of cones and antennas are bundled with this set. Both sides are the same. Never place the bricks in a washing machine or dishwasher. The windscreen is sleek and looks great.

Have a look at their website for more information. The cover portraits the set with a backdrop of the normal M-Tron grid sky and a total of 16 pages with 19 steps, not including the sub-steps, are found on the following pages within.

The blades are connected to a five stud 1×1 brick and the brick sits on top of a spindle, allowing free-flow movement.