Source, ? Label: Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (Landesforstgesetz. 11 Magazines from found on – Read for FREE. Forest Law (Landeswaldgesetz/Landesforstgesetz, LFoG), including forest master . Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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The upbrow should be within as small a width as possible as a rule on the uphill side 1 m wider than the road with embankment, on the valley side approximately road and embankment width. Despite integrated planning and high-level development, without doubt necessary on a regional scale, it should not be assumed that every parcel of woodland could be provided with an access landdsforstgesetz.

With the exception of small-scale private woodlands, forest road networks in NRW have reached a state of completion. Presa d’atto della decisione della Commissione dell’UE n. The basis for this is provided by the map of water table formations in NRW and the regional soil maps as referred to in the notes on the ordinance. Their importance thereby increases proportionately to the growing pressures of civilization on the landscape.

In addition, there should not be the slightest risk of contaminants or harmful substances recognized as being of safe origin according to LAGA guidelines.

Conversely, poor performers should be excluded from future tendering procedures. Aiuti agli investimenti in connessione con i prestiti BEI. The steel, synthetic fibres, motor vehicle and shipbuilding industries are excluded owing, among other things, to the fact that appropriate measures have been agreed in relation to regional investment aid.

The process has been employed with success not only in Triassic formations shell limestone and variegated sandstone but also in clay shale, Iydite, porphyry and new red conglomerate in the eastern Harz Mountains Thuringia.

The Commission will be informed of any such changes. This increase in quality and price is accompanied by a reduction in inspection requirements and an improvement in the safety margins important for insurance purposes. Employment of recycled building materials and industrial by-products is only viable for environmentally compatible forestry road construction if at least the same material compatibility standards are applied as for public highway construction under current laws and subsequent regulations.


Within the State government of Nordrhein-Westfalen the Ministry for Environment, Regional Planning and Agriculture is also responsible for forestry, wood industry and forest ecology.

Forstamtsgrenzen karten-layer

In doing so it quickly became obvious that there were numerous questions to be answered before the problems addressed could be clarified and evaluated from a legal and practical point of view.

Authors of the research: Aid for export-related activities. Machines should be checked daily for leakage of mineral oils.

They are recreation areas for people living in big cities as well as habitats for animals and plants. Foresters in Nordrhein-Westfalen are trying to balance these different demands. Languages, formats and link to OJ. Use the Advanced search. The following pages contain the most important conclusions of the research.

Regione Piemonte — Direzione Industria. Forest ownership is as follows: Decisions within the framework of general development planning road network density, routing and road standards cross-sectional design, dimensioning are initially determined from a technical, economic and individual operational landsforstgesetz of view. Proper forestry management methods whose objective is to conserve and utilize forests are linked to the existence of an adequate network of forest roads.

Small and medium-sized enterprises Competition State aids Directory code: Road improvements and maintenance are due on a far larger scale in order to bring the system in line with increased operating and public demands. It will thereby be necessary to rely on the scrutiny of the contractor, since the vast majority of road construction machines are not subject to compulsory independent landesforsthesetz TUV.

It can thereby be assumed that the above-described “minimum standards”, as required in a letter of notification – made, if necessary, with the assistance of a forestry official – are within the realm of capability of a forest landowner who is familiar with his property. OJ C 23, Each new road construction project should be re-examined with a view to abandoning it in favour of other technical means. Diverted water should be allowed to repercolate into the forest floor.


Modern grader or watch-glass section schematic 2.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Furthermore, for precautionary and technical reasons: A diagram of a cross-section is shown in the following figure. This type of impact will be felt laneesforstgesetz in the alkaline soils of important biotopes or in nature reserves and should be avoided.

One of Europe’s most important rivers, the Rhine, flows through Nordrhein-Westfalen and there is the highest density transportation network in the whole of Europe with 20 km of motorway. Landesforstgeset the long-term, the so-called watch-glass arc or grader sections with varying transverse slopes, increasing gradually to percent at the perimeter, and side ditches lend themselves to low-cost motor grader maintenance with minimal ecological disturbance.

The type of usage is regulated and restricted by the Forestry Act, and must be tolerated by the landowner as it falls within the scope of the social contribution of forest property. In terms of overall ecosystem compatibility, landesforstgesezt “sensible” decision on choice of material must include suitable weighting for the landesforstgeeetz distance factor.

The legal character of these roads, which are regarded as private rights of way belonging to the respective landowner, is in keeping with this and clearly underscores it.


When the use of residual materials is under consideration, thought should always be given to the cost of verification of quality assessment and of the simplified water authority permit, as well as to the hard-to-define residual risk with regard to the content of potentially harmful, but hitherto unknown or unidentified substances. In exceptional cases gradients of up to 12 percent are acceptable for short distances, if this permits substantial savings in the overall segment length.

The roadway width should be approximately 3.