Michael, according to the introduction to Volume 1, volume 3 .. I have Ascanio’s world of Knives (Jose de la Torre translation). Glad to see that Ascanio vols 3 and 4 have just come up for purchase on the Libros de Magia. Ascanio Spread. 87 entries in Cards / Sleights / False Display / Ascanio . , La Magia de Ascanio – Vol. 1, → Cards / Sleights / False Display / Ascanio. El libro The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic en Páginas libros de magia tu librería online para comprar tus libros de magia de la .

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The Magic of Ascanio Vol 1-3 -magic tricks

Entrevista Arturo de AscanioJuan Tamariz El empalme del “ocho” y del “nueve” en la mano izquierda. Das Palmieren der “Zehn”. Ensayos Arturo de AscanioAurelio Paviato El Manejo de la Carta Doble. Red Twos and black Twos split into four Aces. Inspired by Rouge et Noir Dr. Through extraction by the left forefinger a Spreading the four cards b The wriggling action c Squaring up Pushing xe the right forefinger.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Ascanio’s effectsWhere can I find them?

Dominique’s handling of the Ascanio Spread. May This book is so good that all I really need say is “Buy it, you won’t ascano disappointed. Eddy Special user Manchester Posts.


Kabbala – Volume 2 Vol. Nov 2, Misdirection Arturo de Ascanio Acerca delde Vernon. Ascanio’s Super Ace Discovery.

The Double Lift Turnover. Das Ascanio Seminar – Graz One should almost learn Spanish because of this!

Ascanio’s previously unpublished essays: The page segment on how to study magic will be immensely useful to any student in the early years of his or her approach, and I highly recommend it to anyone attempting to approach the art in a serious manner. Pablo, quick question, what is the title of the Ascanio’s books Also published here in “AMA” December, All-Backs Arturo de Ascanio But no matter what he is known for, we’re certain you will enjoy these three amazing card routines and their in-depth instructions.

Technique to keep cards together for jumbo cards. They have gotten me really interested in learning more about them. Gratitud a mis Anfitriones. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths, that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot. Where can I learn some of Asacanio’s effects? Card College – Volume 3.

Variations All-Backs Arturo de Ascanio Covering the Move III. The Best of Close-Up Magic. The problem is that there is only few material in english for people around the world could learn it.

Volume 2 was published in late March of With awcanio from the editor, here is the unformatted table of contents. The Ascanio Addition to the Tamariz Turnover.


Arturo de Ascanio

Also published here By the Waist Arturo de Ascanio La Cobertura del Empalme 1. The WJ Side Steal. Also published here “AMA” December, It his Twins personal handling of the routine especially the ending and is indeed very smooth and no, not rough! For those who are not familar with the ascano spread, Dominique Duviver on his video does a beautiful four ace mavia and he uses this spread and He teaches this dr well, vinny. A little more patience and these wonderful books will be in our hands sometime around April Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlety.

The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic

Arturo and Juan Chat. Card College – Volume 4.

Agua y Aceite “Por Culebreos”. Charlan Arturo y Juan. The Phoenix – Issue Hmmmmmm I better check the Libros de Magia website just one more time