Kwasi Wiredu: Philosophy and an African culture. xiv, pp. Cambridge, etc.: Cambridge University Press, – Volume 45 Issue 2. Pfubsophy and an African Culture. By Kwasi Wiredu. Cambridge University Press , , xiv + pp., £ Is philosophy ‘culture bound’, or is there, if not a. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Philosophy and An African Culture | Part I: 1. Philosophy and On an African orientation in philosophy 3. Kwasi Wiredu.

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Finally, it can be argued that this tension is not quite resolved but fortunately it is also a tension that never jeopardizes his philosophical inventiveness. A Model of Moral Analysis and Construction. But we see too how they can exploit traditional resources and test the assumptions of Western philosophy against the intimations of their own language mwasi culture.

Kwasi Wiredu (1931— )

Sign in Create philoslphy account. Perhaps the phioosophy at hand is simply too important and demanding to cater to such philosophical niceties. By contrast, the majoritarian system might be said to be, in principle, based on consent without consensus. Further, Wiredu states that kwzsi second dimension, the normative conception of personhood, is based on one’s ability to will freely.

Myth and RealityLondon: Significances of African Philosophy in Africa African Philosophy Projects Publications, Indiana University Press, He then makes an even more damaging accusation that a form of authoritarianism lies at the heart of conception of philosophy propagated by Marx and Engels. Derrida states it is imperative to distinguish between the legacies of Marx and the various spectralities of Marxism.


Decolonization as Epistemological Practice In all previously colonized regions of the world, decolonization remains a topic of considerable academic interest.

If indeed he has done so, he would be rather more skeptical about the manner in philosophhy he thinks he can dislodge certain Western philosophical structures embedded in the African consciousness. One’s ability to will freely is dependent on one’s ethical considerations. These are some of the central concerns which appear in Kwasi Wiredu and Beyond: A central concern of philosophy is the application of knowledge to the solution of human problems, which is the highest importance to distinguish between traditional versus modern thoughts by set of criterion.

Philosophy and an African Culture Cambridge: In addition, it has been observed that also lacking at some moments in his oeuvre is an attempt to de-totalize and hence particularize the components of what he regards of the foundations of African philosophy.


History of Western Philosophy. Studying Morality Within the African Wn Trends and Issues in African Philosophy. Kwasi Wiredu – forthcoming – African Philosophy: Introduction By African philosophy, we mean the critical reflection and the asking of fundamental questions, the seeking of meaning and understanding within the bias and context of African cultural setting and experience.


The Case of African Women. The Idea of Africa, Bloomington and Indianapolis: A passage from an interview explains the issue of his institutional relation to African philosophy: Identity] and Change in African Culture: His influences include, apart from his tutors at Oxford, David Humeand Immanuel Kantand afrixan pragmatist John Deweyand the epistemologicalmetaphysical, and ethical resources of the Akan culture. Philosophical Sketches on African Cullture.

The ApologyEuthyphroMeno and Crito. Much of what is learned in philosophy can be applied in virtually any endeavor. Engels does better on this score as there is a treatment of morality in Anti-Duhring.

This reading gives an entirely different perspective on acts and themes of resistance as panoptical surveillance in the age of global neoliberalism becomes more totalitarian in nature at specific moments. This entry has no external links.

Logic, as a branch of philosophy attracted Wiredu because of its affinities to grammar, wireru he enjoyed.

The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. Zed Books Wa Thiongo, Ngugi. Due to the hybridity of the postcolonial condition, projects seeking to retrieve the precolonial heritage are bound to be marred at several levels.

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