Shop Kostal Piko NG three phase solar inverter online. International delivery – Buy Kostal inverter at Data sheet. Smart connections. PIKO KOSTAL Inverter three-phase Automatic switching device with three-phase (PIKO / single-phase). KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH. All rights . applies to solar inverters PIKO from KOSTAL Solar . To improve efficiency, PIKO //// use.

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After selection of the desired parameters and the time period, the information must be confirmed with “Show Data”.

With the PIKO BA System you can also check how much of the produced energy is stored in the battery or is taken from there to be used in the household. History At “History” you can retrieve on the “Measure” menu of the income, the battery and domestic consumption values for the “periods” day, week, month, year and total.

If you have a PIKO of the new generation combined with the PIKO BA Sensor, you will also be able to see how much energy is used in your building by your household devices and furthermore how this energy demand is covered by the different klstal e.


Overview on the latest data of your PV system with Fronius inverter s.

If you want to attach the technical data of the inverter to the e-mail, you have to enable the checkbox “Technical information send them along” and confirm the “Submit” button.

General Thanks to the Ipco Solar App, the monitoring of your PV system is easily and very comfortably possible via your smartphone or tablet — naturally free of charge.

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By clicking on the respective symbols following values are visible in the menu “Live Data”: Account Options Sign in. These information contain all necessary data to visualize the live data in your home network.

Besides this live data, which is updated via WLAN, you can also graphically display historic yields day, week, month, year and aggregated data. Contact The menu item “Contact” allows you picco contact with our support.


An update occurs every 5 seconds. The user name is “user” and the password is the password you have assigned in the web server by yourself.

Monitor your SolarEdge site anytime, anywhere. For example, you can monitor the DC yield and see how much electric current you are feeding into the public grid.

You can find the best about Solar Wiring Diagram app free. Live data In the “Live Data” you can see the current power data of the choosen plant on the top left next to the app logo and the self consumption in combination with the PIKO sensor.

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