In the Wavestation EX, also called EXK-WS, was released (pictured above). The EX added Sending Sysex Files From PC To Korg Wavestation A/D. View and Download Korg Wavestation player’s manual online. Wavestation Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. View and Download Korg Wavestation service manual online. Wavestation Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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If you can hear sound through the headphones, check the connections to your sound system.

The EX also manuql 8 multi-effects including: If you think this is the case, try raising the same controller, or reset the Wavestation by cycling power off, then on. This can be especially useful for repetitive tasks or frequently-used adjustments. This synth is easily upgraded and expandable with PCM cards too.

Korg wavestation Service Manual

It’s much more convenient to be able to select a single program on the controller to set up manuall of the modules at once.

To prevent tum-off transients which can damage kofg, switch off the power amplifier first 4. The total Wave Sequence memory per bank is steps. You can even program an independent channel for effects modulation.

On top of this, add multi-voice synthesis functions such as envelope and LFO modulation for each sequence. This is a performance feature which allows you to quickly switch between banks. This page allows you to select all of the Performances at your disposal. The goal is to start you making real, useful edits as quickly as possible.

The harder you play, the more layers are heard. Bank Selects will happen automatically.


Your audio system is as crucial to your sound as violin or guitar bodies are to those instruments. Lorg example, when centered, the oscillators are mixed equally.

This can be used to connect a string of instruments in series, so that they can all be played by a single controller or sequencer.

It also lets you stretch or shrink the overall time of a Wave Sequence. Second, the MDE programs all the routing associated with the effects. If data is not being received, you know that the problem must lie in the MIDI controller or, more likely, a cable or its routing. Ved utskifting benyttes kun batteri som anbefalt av apparatfabrikanten.

Images from Perfect Circuit Audio. Wavesration is debatable whether we can imagine sounds as complex and potentially expressive as are suggested by four-track wave sequencing without actually having the Wavestation with which to hear and communicate them.

Thus, even with only one Patch, up to four of these wave “songs” can play simultaneously during a single note. With four-oscillator structures, a two-dimentional graphic displays the values of each of the breakpoints but not the times of the envelope segments. Lev6r det brugte batteri tilbago til leverand 0 ren.


Ignored in OMNI mode. Kassera anvant wavestatoon enligt fabrikantens Instruktion. For example, you can easily control reverb or flanging depth from a footpedal. In addition to having a wave selection, each oscillator’s initial pitch can be coarsely or finely tuned.

A slope of 0.

For their raw sonic material. In this case the Wavestation is almost a semitone flat. You could juggle around the programs in each module so that the first module’s program 14 was electric piano, the second module’s program 14 was acoustic bass, wx third’s program 14 was strings, and so on.


Korg Wavestation Player’s Manual

The actual modulation effect may combine vibrato, tremolo, chorusing, panning, and other expressive effects, as progranuned by a variety of Patch and Effects parameters.

You are probably aware of MIDI sequencers that play synthesizers by sending notes to them. Set the desired value for the parameter using the dial or keypad. Each effect contains a number of parameters that can be accessed and adjusted. The splitter routes high frequencies to the chorus.

Any changes that you make will be reflected in the graphic display. The Mix Envelope implements Vector Synthesis by allowing you to set the relative loudness of each oscillator at each of five break-points.

Full text of “Wavestation owner’s manual”

An occasional downward-pointing arrow in the upper right hand comer reminds you when a parameter Ust can be scrolled downwards. Korg Wavestation EX vs.

Perhaps someone has edited the current Performance into silence.

However, the Tour chapters 6 through 9 do introduce the Wavestation’s editing controls. A little detuning can enrich the sound. Each of these modules can be separately preset by Macros, Macros allow you to quickly make broad changes in a Patch, without having to adjust individual parameters.

Each wave has a unique timbre. If problems occur, use at a greater distance from the radio or TV. Assign a Patch, or move to a different Part.