Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you can’t scan and print documents. These are the apps you need to know about for. Come to our store when you want to copy, scan, fax, shred or use a computer rental Whether you need to ship a package via Purolator or FedEx, or order. Image scan from Kinkos/Fedex. Despite my comfort with photography and owning all the right equipment (12 megapixel Nikon, daylight.

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I have not photographed my watercolors for years.

How to Scan Photos at Kinkos

If there’s no print or share option in the app you’re using, you might have to move your file to a different app. Press “Ctrl” and “S. Available from store open to close, every day Available at select locations.

You don’t have to buy a scanner to use one. I did not do any color or exposure corrections on the scanner, I will try that next time. Click “Color Photo” if you have a color photo. I am set up at home with an 11″ x 17″ Epson scanner and Photoshop Elements software to process the scans.

All of these apps are free so you can sacnner with each one and see which works best for you. If you have an AirPrint-compatible device on your local network scnaner it should just pop up as an option whenever you choose to print from inside an iOS app, like Apple Mail—just look for the share or print button.


To convert your favorite photos into digital images, log on to a Kinko’s workstation and save your photos to a CD or a portable flash drive. Type a name for your photo in the “File Name” text box.

Scan and print anything from your phone | Popular Science

Return to the kibkos. I found that the results were slightly overexposed and slightly greenish, but these were easily fixed in Photoshop. Follow this Blog Topics. Many new printers that offer Wi-Fi come with the functionality built-in. These scanners will accept originals up to 36″ wide and basically an sdanner length.

But when it comes to printing, Apple and Google take slightly different approaches. Type “Paint” in the search box. I was wondering why you choose dpi over dpi? As kinkoz might have expected, there are apps for all of these tasks, and if you know the right ones to use you can greatly increase your mobile productivity. To help us prevent spam, Please enter the code in the box: Google Cloud Print makes all of your printers accessible from anywhere.

With this review you wrote, there’s no doubt that trying Kinko’s large format scanning is worth a go. How to Use EZ Dub. Click the submit button below after you’ve entered the code.

You will find an icon for the CD drive in the window. I scanned an original 15″ x 22″ watercolor on Arches paper, which is essentially like stiff cardboard. Want more news like this?

Scanning from a phone is a pretty similar process no matter what device you’ve got—you just install the app you want to use. An icon for your flash drive appears in the list. Otherwise, click “Black and White Picture or Text. Despite my comfort with photography and owning all the right equipment 12 megapixel Nikon, daylight corrected studio lights, kinkps, stands, etc. Computer Rental Station Edit your documents, print updates, check email, access the Internet and more.


Office on the Go. You don’t need to use Evernote to use Scannable, but of course the two work very well together if needed—your scans can then be saved as PDFs or images.

These are the apps you need to know about, and how to get them working for you. Faxing Fax your important documents to any destination worldwide. Thank you, I have had kinkos create a colored copy of one of my watercolors on regular paper, very nice. You need Javascript to use this web site. Align it so that it fits squarely into one corner of the scanner’s surface. It’s easier than you might think to print out a PDF or to scan in a document using nothing but your phone. Due to inactivity, you have been logged out.

Cloud Access Connect anytime through our custom print kiosk. Maybe just try one scan at a Kinko’s and compare the results to your stitching? If you do not have a scanner, you cannot view these photos on your computer.