Greywalker (October , ISBN X)[1]; Poltergeist (August , ISBN )[2]; Underground (August. Greywalker and millions of other books are available for instant access. view . Poltergeist (Greywalker, Book 2) by Kat Richardson Mass Market Paperback. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kat Richardson lives on a sailboat in Seattle with her Downpour: A Greywalker Novel – Kindle edition by Kat Richardson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Anyways, guess I am glad I tried the series out so I know to cross it off my list, but I don’t ever see myself reading any more of Harper’s escapades. The action lat all too similar and a couple of loose ends were never tied up. Dec 14, Blodeuedd Finland marked it as dnf.

Overall, a pretty good book. I kinda like that last one No one reacts greyealker they should! If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Which for me is big. Then she is hired to find a missing boy who is in fact hiding out, not missing – not her normal case.

She’s not only supernatural herself, she’s the extra special kind. In this dark and gritty collection—featuring shor… More. With those things in mind, this is an early novel for Ms. For the most part, they interact smoothly, though on occasion the transition is a bit jarring. If you have been reading this series then you have been anxiously waiting for this further evidence of Kat Richardson amazing talent.

This can’t be undone.

Kat Richardson

I definitely feel there are characters who have potential to be quite interesting in future books. Rather than “I can’t believe it” we get “I don’t wanna. The worldbuilding was unimaginative and colorless. This story was a free download from Kat Richardso… More.


If you’ve never read anything else in the series you will probably love it because the paranormal activity is just different enough from the other para books out there that it’s more interesting.

Giving readers a great peek behind that shadows as to what might be lurking. I wasn’t really sure of her age. I did really, truly, try to get through this. And her printer uses fanfold paper so it can’t be more sophisticated than a bubblejet. It also includes misty visions of the world beyond death, or some-such. I like Harper for the most part; she’s complex and not a cliche. There was no conflict to speak of.

Sep 03, Beverly rated it really liked it Shelves: And just like that, she’s forced to accept a whole new worldview. And she has a pet ferret named Chaos, which I frankly just adore!

View all 7 comments. Yeah, so I did read this, and I just finished it yesterday, but I had to sit and think a little bit to remember what it was about First, when Quentin installed a security system in her computer, he used a floppy disc. There’s also an interesting enough love interest to spice things up, but is not the focus of the book.

Read reviews that mention kat richardson harper blaine urban fantasy olympic peninsula pacific northwest chinese demons sunset lakes ley weaver greywalker series community of sunset read other books lake crescent previous book little disappointed steven leung guardian beast blood lake private investigator lead character crescent area.

It’s terrifyingly vivid and the accuracy with which Richardson depicts a fistfight is admirable, as is her depiction of the amount of damage such an assault can cause to the human body.


Kat Richardson – Wikipedia

If it walks like a duck The love interest is a great guy and it’s just a part of the story; she’s not constantly pining and fantasizing. She now sees ghosts and attracts otherworldly business as she pops in and out of a shadowy overlapping world. Get to Know Us. Originally reviewed at Book Whispers. I really enjoyed it. At first I wasn’t sure how much i liked this one, but i just decided I did like it.

Just back from London, Harper picked up some new skills while she was away. After an inexplicable, bizarre and brutal murder, Blaine must use her ability to move from this realm to the next to determine whether the killer is human or not, demonstrating that she is greywalekr a more than capable private detective. Still, the book had a nice pace and was fun.

This may be a personal perception, but it ricardson insight the mind and mentality of the author behind this supernatural series, and may explain why she is an advocate and member of Legalise Ferrets California, a group dedicated to exactly that — legalising ferrets. The flow of the book is not helped by the style in which it’s written because Harper tends to just state things “On Wednesday I went here.

Poltergeist Greywalker, Book 2: Harper would have this amazing epiphany that was integral to the story, but totally not allow the reader to experience it with her even though we are reading the damn book as her!