JSS 0251 PDF

JSS 0251 PDF

JSS (Revision No. 1) CONTENTS Srl. No. Page No. Appendix ‘L’ Format and Cover Page of Design Specification and Packaging Specification. JSS (Revis 29 JSS (Revision No. 1 FORMAT AND CONTENTS OF PACKAGING SPECIFICATION CONTENTS. JSS Binding data, Design Drawings and Technical documentation. Binding Drawing. The manufacturers shall submit “as built” drawings.

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Unless otherwise specified, means are to be provided in the output of the equipment to prevent excessive voltage rise on o-load.

Emergency operation occurs following the loss of the main generating equipment when a limited electric source, independent of the main system, is used to power a reduced complement of distribution and utilization equipment selected to maintain flight and personnel safety. The direct current dc component of the AC voltage is the average value of the voltage. Over Voltage and under Voltage jse those voltages which exceed the transient limits for normal operation and are limited by the action of protective devices.

Voltage modulation amplitude is the difference between the maximum and minimum AC voltage values that occur in a one second period during steady state operating conditions. Up to 8 starts in half an hour period providing 3 minutes cooling interval between 2 engine starts and up to 6 compressor washing with 1 minute interval in half an hour are permitted. The equipment offered for marine applications shall achieve specified output and function hss under tropical conditions.

The frequency converter shall conform to specification EED-Q and other specifications mentioned therein. Each setting of overload trip will correspond to the starting current envelope of a particular type of aircraft and will trip the rectifier in case of overload to preset current value.

Such recommendations are jsx be commensurate with the reliability of critical components and component used in the system. jxs

naval headquarters directorate of electrical

Frequency modulation is the difference between the maximum and minimum frequency values that occur in a one minute period during steady state operating conditions. The helicopter starting system comprises of main equipment i. For the purpose of this EED-Q, the definitions that apply in addition to the general terminology are contained in mss paragraphs.


The hand regulator system is to be as independent of the AVR circuitry as possible. Steady state AC voltage is the time average of the RMS voltage over a period not to exceed one second. A hand voltage regulator for voltage adjustment is to be provided separately for installation in the Control Panel in the hangar.

The gland nut and washers are to be left undrilled. Harmonic contribution of the rectifier will be greatest at the highest expected value of source impedance.

Ripple is the variation of voltage about the steady state C voltage during steady state electric system operation. Each winding of prime-mover jsss shall be provided with a thermister and these thermisters are to be connected in such a way that only two leads shall come out of the motor for connection inside the control panel. The layout and size of any auxiliaries are also to be shown together.

The control panel shall be designed suitable for bulkhead mounting. Compare these energy changes 1 volt means 1 joule of energy per. The point of regulation POR is that point at which a power source senses and regulates the system voltage.

Switch on the rectifier and using the output voltage trimmer, increase and decrease the output voltage to record the regulation. Frequency jds the reciprocal of the period of the AC voltage. Power interconnections within the utilization equipment or equipment system are excluded. However the frequency converter set should be capable of withstanding the following overload capacity: Closed loop voltage control is to be provided in the rectifier for controlling the rectifier output voltage characteristic within the specified limit.

In case of replacement of any components is done in subsequent orders, the manufacturer shall inform the customer and the equipment will have to be type tested again. Deck mounted equipment shall be designed to ensure that no live part is less than 12 inches from the deck. Remote control of converter is to be fitted in control switchboard panel located in Hangar. Over Voltage Protection Unit. Following local and remote control indication facilities are to be provided: The unit of frequency is designated hertz Hz.

And load variations within 10 utilization equipment. The equipment shall be capable of efficient and unrestricted operation without any deviation from its normal operating parameters under the following seaway conditions: The distortion spectrum includes the components resulting from amplitude and frequency modulation as well as harmonic and non-harmonic components of the waveform. The distortion spectrum quantifies AC or DC distortion in terms of the amplitude of each frequency component.


naval headquarters directorate of electrical

Following draft documents shall be presented for approval of Indian Navy. The rectifier shall be manufactured to the following specifications: Experience in Fleet use indicates a significant proportion of static conversion equipment failures occur as a result of overheating. 0521 proof totally enclosed construction up to 45 deg from vertical shall conform to specification BS Dwell time up 2051 20 Kg: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

The enclosure of transformer rectifier and converter control panel shall be fabricated from with 14 SWG mild steel sheet conforming to IS Transients that exceed the steady state limits but remain within the specified normal transient limits are defined as normal transients.

Aircraft Electric Power Systems. Load unbalance for a three-phase load is the difference between the highest and lowest phase loads. Each rectifier is to be subjected to one of the following tests: Complete assemblies are to be tested for end-to-end continuity and are to meet the following requirement when tested between sockets and earth: In both the cases, the voltage must be restored to and remain within 0.

This statement of requirement covers the design, construction test and Test procedure, documents, spare gears etc to ensure compatibility between the aircraft electric system, airborne utilisation equipment and external DC and AC power equipment for starting and servicing to be fitted onboard naval ships and establishments. Duty Cycle a Helicopter starting Amps for maximum 5 seconds falling to Amps in 15 to 30 seconds. All tests required are to be carried out as specified in this specification.

Maximum output voltage drop and recovery period during load state.

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