Dr. Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) wrote his first book His current books include “Ecstasy Through Tantra, “A Chakra and Kundalini. In the Infinite, there is ecstasy; There is no ecstasy in the finite. Chandogya Upanishad. IN ECSTASY THROUGH TANTRA, Dr. Jonn Mumford celebrates the . Ecstasy Through Tantra by John Mumford, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The result sought nonn the transcen- dental bliss, or Samadhi, of the Yogi. The Devi is Lakini: If the broomstick may be described as an “elongated” Shiva Linga, then the tnatra cone hat of the witch is a “pointed” Shiva Linga, with the rim representing the vagina Yoni base upon which it rests, the peak thrusting skyward in imitation of the “cone of power” raised by the coven or Tantra Chakra Puja.

New pathways in the physical brain and in the non-physical are opened up. The Sorcery of Love in Practice and Theory. Garrison did give the readers some good tidbits upon which an edifice of personal experience could be built, but Tantra is not Yoga, and Tantra is not limited to “sex” per se.

Advantages of Vajroli Mudra: Mumford is a direct disciple of Dr. Semen even possesses antibiotic mumfodr, according to research workers at Hebrew University Medical School, with a particularly effective action upon Staphlyococcus Aureas, or “Golden Staph” the causative organisms of some minor skin infections such as boils.

The book is filled with john ancient and modern illustrations of loving couples. Indeed, a contemporary Yogi, Swami Satyananda of Bihar, maintains that Tantra, not Samkhya, is the philosophical matrix out of which Yoga grew.

Related concepts are magister, a teacher or master, and magus, a magician of adept standard. In Lawrence Durrell’s Justine, Balthazar, the cabalistic physician, comments, “After all the work of philosophers on his soul and the doctors on his body, what can we say we really know about man?

Tantric practices will teach you how to build sexual love and passion to an amazing peakā€”and Khechari Mudra is the sign of autosexual intercourse with the self, signaling an ultimate, secret message to the uncon- scious of eternity.

Although Egyptologists favor the opinion that the Ankh was originally a graphic picture of a man or a sandal thong, certain Western fraternities have always taught that it is a vivid representation of the male phallus vertical line united with the female genitalia vagina and uterus, as represented by the horizontal line and oval.


A Chakra and Ttantra Just as many aspects of Hindu occultism have had their inception in Tantra, so much of Western occultism has derived from the Semitic triad Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the words of a Tantric proverb, “He who would rise must first thrust him- self up with the aid of the earth.

Some Tannic systems consider Khechari Mudra to be Mamsa, esctasy. This form offers an inexhaustible supply of built-in Valium or Librium tablets with few side- effects. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

True beli There was a time when I thought my family tree included Alistair Crowley. The Greeks believed that originally man was a hermaphrodite – or bisexual, androgynous being – created by the God Ecsasy as a plaything.

Full text of “Ecstasy Through Tantra Jonn Mumford”

The Tantric facial pack par excellence is liberal quantities of fresh, warm semen spread upon the skin, with special attention to the oily areas of the forehead and nose. Paul, MMU.

The triad is spermatazoa, ovum and their mutual intercourse, producing the magical child of Thoth. Indra, Indo-Aryan chief of the gods, tantrically indentified with the power of the Lingam as phallus, is shown on the left.

Joi Carey rated it liked it May 15, Ecstasy Through Mumfors – Mumford, Jonn.

Ecstasy Through Tantra

Readers wishing confirmation of the historical reality of Tantra and scholastic evidence for the material presented herein, are referred to Zimmer’s Philosophies of India, Eliade’s Yoga: Paul, MN www. Now that jon has been broadened, however, it is tjrough, indeed necessary, to go beyond joy; to go beyond the physical and emotional aspects of sexual union to the ecstasy of union with Divine Power that is centered in every body and throughout the universe.

In general, however, Eros is a means to spiritual experience and not an antagonist. The roots suggest an experience of such intense excitement that the ego is momentarily fragmented, producing a nameless-formless inner state.

Tantra and Sexual Arts: Ecstasy Through Tantra by Jonn Mumford (2002, Paperback)

Such words with magical connotations include magistrate a rulermagnate a great manmagnificent doing great thingsmagniloquence elevated language; facility with mantra, words of powermagnanimity great- ness of mindand finally magnetism. He shows, for example, the fundamental unity of Tantra with Western Wicca as a magickal religion and way of life-affirmation.


The problem lies not in achieving Kundalini arousal by drugs or any method but rather in how to handle, con- trol and direct the resultant force. He explains the details, couched in alchemical terms, for those who can read between the lines. As Aleister Crowley pointed out in his Eight Lectures on Yoga, that yoking of an ovum and spermatozoa is the first great Yoga or union. Led Zeppelin by Led ZeppelinHardcover 3.

Let them trigger access to new information and arouse new feelings. The Goddess Devi encapsulates his Lingam with her mouth, locking the urethral orifice with the tongue and pressing his anus with the third finger, using the remaining fingers and thumb of her right hand to caress his perineum and scrotum.

Ecstasy Through Tantra – Dr. John Mumford – Google Books

Mumford is respected across the world for his knowledge and schol- arship. It was a book for the times. The major aspects of occultism, Eastern and Western, may be unraveled through research into Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek and Latin. When done correctly contractions should spread, causing the vagina to clasp the fingers gently.

The second method, exclusively Hindu in origin, is the notorius Vajroli penis Mudra gesture.

He is here depicted blue-skinned, but often represented as covered with Yonis as punishment tangra a sexual indiscretion. The mantra Hum freezes the wheel of Samsara in the void of Akasha, thus bringing into fruition Patanjali’s injunction: See all 5 brand new listings.

This is so frequently the case that Dion Fortune unequivocally stated that sexual acts used as an adjunct to ceremonial magic are tantamount to black magic and the practitioner automatically defines himself as a follower of the left-hand path.

Far greater minds than mine have acknowledged the truism that the relationship between mankind and the Absolute is either an analogue to, or a projection of, the sexual-emotional activity of human beings. Tantra centers around Shakti as the active feminine pole responsible for dynamic manifestation. Lawrence suggested, man is possessed of a rod connecting thgough to the stars Chakras. What is easier than finding God in the man you love, or the Goddess in the woman you love?