Speciesism has 54 ratings and 4 reviews. Wendy said: This is a take-no- prisoners look at human treatment of nonhumans and how such behavior is enabled th. Joan Dunayer is a writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. She is the author of two books, Animal Equality () and Speciesism (). Dunayer graduated. Joan Dunayer is an American writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. “Sexist Words, Speciesist Roots”, in Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical.

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Joan Dunayer

Joan Dunayer is a writer, dunayrr, and animal rights advocate. Feminist Theoretical Explorationsedited by Carol J. So while this book definitely has its problems with comparisons to other oppressions, it is very effective when remaining in the realm of animal activism alone. This entry has no external links. It is definitely worth reading.


Admittedly, common sense regarding the widely held moral principles that Francione discusses may be open to philosophical scrutiny, but Francione readily acknowledges this. Yizuz Shostakovich rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Using one standard for foreign species and a different standard for local species is arbitrary and speciesist. On one hand, we claim to treat animal interests seriously.

Nonspeciesists advocaterights for every sentient being. Tzachi Zamir – – Philosophia specieeism 4: Dunayer begins her book by exploring speciesism through Peter Singer and Tom Regan, and for someone who’s never read or studied those people’s philosophies, it is confusing.

Lists with This Book. These incremental measures may be seen, however, as recognizing pieces of the basic right not to be regarded as property. Yay, my second read. See Francionesupra note 9, at xxxiv-xxxvi. Ivan Rubil rated it really liked it Feb 11, By what measure is the [equal] comparative value of lives to be measured?


Eric rated it liked it Jul 26, That is, the prohibition entails that non-human animal exploiters are markedly and exceedingly less capable of using the hens in a way that property-law normally permits and encourages; benefiting the property owner and safeguarding her or his right to use the property in a way that maximizes efficiency of time, owner-autonomy and economic value.

I think this is a must read for anyone in order to open their eyes and truly see the beings they share the planet with. Hunters kill approximately million animals in the United States annually. On the contrary, the rights advocate is left with a most important and time-consuming project: To do either would involve the rights advocate in sacrificing the basic right of animals not to be property in order to secure a less-than-basic protoright that. Lantern Books rated it it was amazing Nov 05, It is unfortunate that its author, Joan Dunayer, not only fails to argue for many of these claims but also borrows them from the meticulously argued-for conclusions of another author, Gary L.

The test [for respecting a non-institutional interest] is simple to apply because, at least in theory, [58] it requires merely that we identify what costs are imposed by the regulation on property ownership and whether those costs will significantly [ [59] ] exceed any benefit that animal property owners derive.

She also explains why welfarist campaigns are old-speciesist.

Joan Dunayer, Speciesism – PhilPapers

Your Child or the Dog? It is actually one of the best books for animal rights and liberation activists that I’ve read. Views Read Edit View history. Nonspeciesists speiesism for every sentient being. In my view, the repeated and systematic [] way in which Dunayer appropriates and misrepresents these ideas, as exposed in this review, is astonishing.


Additional incremental prohibitions, however, will together result in complete abolition. Only veganism respects nonhuman rights and funayer nonhuman enslavement.

That is, it is logically equivalent to the claim that killing or otherwise harming human animals who may or may not possess abstract reason and so on is immoral because it is immoral to kill or otherwise harm non-human animals who do not possess abstract reason and so on. The book speciesissm compelling evidence of consciousness in animals often dismissed as insentient — such as fishes, insects, spiders, and snails. Dunayer claims this is speciesist because it makes similarities to humans the raison d’etre for granting nonhumans rights.

Joan Dunayer’s Speciesism appropriates and misrepresents the animal rights theory of Gary L. Old-speciesists limit rights to humans.

We subject billions of animals annually to enormous amounts of pain, suffering and distress. I have argued that Speciesism appropriates and misrepresents the animal rights theory of Gary L. Vegans and people who want to save the world.

Francione notes that wpeciesism battery cages with coops that afford more movement does satisfy the second criterion, but he also argues that the first two criteria are insufficient to respect rights on their own. Paperbackpages.

A proposal that we abolish the egg industry altogether as a violation of the dunzyer right of animals not to be used as our resources is an animal rights position.