JEWELRY Fundamentals of Metalsmithing Tim McCreight Hand Books Press ROCKPORT, MASSACHUSETTS Introduction E ach of’ us comes to craft work in a. Book: Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight. This book offers the beginning and intermediate metalsmith clear and insightful instruction. Find great deals for Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight ( , Hardcover, Revised). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Before turning gray, sterling progresses through these colors: I keep this as a reference, you should too. Useful tools for layout include a steel ruler, a compass, a pair of dividers, and plastic templates for familiar shapes like circles, squares and ovals— but use whichever tools work, fi’om a computer metalsmithin to a reducing photocopier.

The rivet material should be annealed. These 2 locations in New South Wales: Be sure there are no air pockets beneath raised areas of the piece. More heat won’t fix it. Cleanliness is critical to a good solder joint. The bond can be broken with a sharp twist if the nut needs to be unscrewed.

Photo by Robert Diomonte. Chasing is traditionally done with a specialized hammer that combines a broad face, a comfort- able handle and a springy shaft. Dapping A dapping block is a steel cube into which hemispherical cavities of various sizes have been cut. The Complete Jewelry Making Course: In both cases, a small amount of base metal usually xinc or cop- per is added to lower the melting point.

Bend the corner in your fingers, then reinforce the area by soldering. Heating the metal to temperatures above the melting point of solder is unneces- Kiff Slemmons, Hand Tools box with 5 rings.

De- pending on the alloy, the solution and the weather, you may wait as long as several days for the patina to develop.

Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight

Beading tools can be used man- ually or with a drill press or elec- tric drill. It can be rinsed in very hot metallsmithing to dissolve the flux, then cleaned with Scotch- Brite. Photo by James Beards. Facets arc arranged geometrically over the entire sur- face of a transparent or translucent gem to focus light into the stone and reflect it back.


Fusing and soldering are among the most engaging as- pects of the field; they both call for a mix of scientific understanding and intuitive response. The process involves repeated light tapping of the tool as it is guided over the surface, almost the way a pneumatic hammer bounces on pavement during road repair.

Examples of hammered textures. As a result, a piece that was a bright blue might appear as a dull purple. Even though you may dundamentals working in a precious material, vou don’t need lots of it. Remember that imprints will be reversed with this process, so double check the orientation of the template.

When the sawdust is uniformly dampened, push a piece into the center of the fundxmentals and tightly seal up the bag. When more leverage is necessary, choose a pair of pliers with smooth jaws that match the desired bend. If you spill a drop of water or leave the top off overnight, the batch will soon be useless.

When using a drawplate, first mount it in a bench vise so the holes being used are close metalsithing the vise. Put on goggles and a res- pirator, and with the buff mounted and spinning on the machine, hold the rake against the wheel for a I Thomas Mann, Rusted Wire Frame Wheel with Stone.

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The Repousse Process 1 Anneal a piece of metal that is at least U percent larger than the intended result. Pour some pumice sand into a shallow dish. For cen- turies, this is what has held jewelry together. If the rivet wirti is of a contrasting color, say, a copper rivet in a sterling sheet, the result is a dot of inlaid color.

Both these metals are difficult to blacken, but copper darkens easily. To work properly it must remain highly polished; wrap it in metalsmighing oiled cloth when not in use to protect against rust.

In findamentals, chasing employs a continuous tapping mo- tion as the punch is swept across jeweory surface. Skip to main content. Cre- ativity usually starts by asking the right question, or asking a question in the right way. Add a tag Cancel Jewellery Metalsmith. Think of these qualities as favorite pets.


Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing

Now that you’ve got that piece sparkling bright and free of all the compounds it picked up during polishing, you dry it on a fuzzy towel, right?

To create a purple-gray on brass or bronze, use the solution straight from the bot- tle. I’ve tried to present information in a logical order, but when all is said and done, technique, science and design merge and cross reference, so feel free to jump in anywhere and revisit sections every once in a while.

The amount you’ll get back depends on the size and condition of your scraps, hut as a rule of thumb you can estimate that you’ll receive between one- half and three-fourths of the mar- ket value back from your precious waste. To and the solution can be safely safely dispose of old pickle, pour it flushed down the drain.

As long as the piece is exposed to air, the action is likely to continue. Synthetic stones are sometimes frowned upon for seri- ous Jewelry. The Riveting Process 1 Prepare the pieces following the guidelines above, then slide a piece of annealed wire into the first rivet hole.

Because the head is larger than usual, a nail- head rivet lends itself to being tex- tured, shaped or ornamented. At least that’s the idea.

The advantage of learning in a group is the breadth of exposure and the opportunity to share questions and discoveries. Patina Solutions Over the centuries, metalsmiths have developed hundreds, maybe thousands, of recipes for patina so- lutions.

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