MVS and JES2 Commands. MVS Commands Cheat Sheet. R n,,NOREQ: Normal JES2 startup reply; K E,D: Erase bottom display area an console; K A,NONE. a “quick reference” to JES2 commands. Who This Book Is For. This book is intended for use by a system console operator who controls JES2 on a. Jobs 6 – 15 OS/VS2JCL. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS System Commands. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS JES2 Command. Language Reference Summary.

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If you detect any errors or have any suggestions for updates or corrections please drop me a note at: Displays all jobs in the system under the operators jurisdiction.

Table of Contents

Places job on hold. For example, they can forward space over a long program listing to print only the programs output data set. The second operand gives the number of pages or lines to reprint or repunch or it tells the device to backspace to the beginning of the current data set. The refwrence automatically backspaces one page or card to prevent data loss. First special thanks to Sam Bass for providing me with the syntax information from his old.

JES2 commands limit job or device manipulation to the remote operators jurisdiction. Displays ocmmand list of all jobs in the system with that job name, including jobs not under the operators jurisdiction.


MVS and JES2 Commands

Stops the current job printing on printer 1 and re-queues the entire print output. Where type is the type of commannd to route, nnnn is the number of the job to route, and yy is the destination of the routed output. Displays the attributes for job For problems or questions regarding this web contact Bob.

Use commas to separate operands when you specify more than one operand. If the operator at remote Ry types this command:. Forward spaces the output five pages on printer 1. The number of cards or pages can range from 1 to referencce If you do not specify a number, the system backspaces the printer one page or one line. For devsubstitute one of the following:. You can put one slash before or after a selection criterion. Q class Unless you specify output classes, JES will search all output classes for work; therefore, always use referecne Q criterion.

The information contained within is based on the following:. Refernce all job s output to remote 3. Sends a message to the remote specified by x. After the slash, the output groups process mode must match the devices process mode, but if you specify more than one mode, JES does not prioritize them.

Specifies the work selection criteria to determine which jobs will be allowed to print on a cokmand and in what order. Where jobname is the name of the job output to release from hold.


Backspaces printer 1 one page to the last page eject. Forward spaces the output six cards on punch 1.

If the device is active, the software sets it to drain. Adds forms to printer 1s work selection after the slash. If you specify multiple refersnce modes, JES considers them to be in priority order. PRT to route print output. A job currently executing finishes execution and enters the print queue on hold.

IBM z/OS JES2 publications (For z/OS V2R3)

Places all jobs ranging from to on hold. Displays the status of devices at remote 4. Before the slash, JES searches output classes in the order specified.

Displays information about a job or a range of jobs under the operators jurisdiction. A minus sign before the criterion removes that criterion from the list. Displays the queued jobs, commanr y describes the type of jobs to display.

Operators can use this command to prevent a job from skipping lines between data lines because of a programming error.