Dr. Jamie Koufman of the Voice Institute of New York is a, if not THE, pioneer in treating respiratory reflux, also known as LPR. Download the eBook for Dropping Acid by Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern. Read excerpts, book reviews, & watch videos at Simon & Schuster. The Hardcover of the Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure by Jamie A. Koufman, Jordan Stern, Mark Michel Bauer | at Barnes.

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I scanned the recipes but wasn’t particularly interested in them. This book is an overview of what to eat if you have GERD and some recipes. I am gluten and dairy free at this time to find which food groups trigger my symptoms.

Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure

They also didn’t seem that jamiw or confusing to me, but then again, I cook a lot. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nov 06, Kelly rated it liked it. The food combining theory has great potential to make this approach more practical, but she doesn’t explain how you can implement this approach on your own. I came across this cook book while reading another book on silent reflux. I suspected asthma, but instead I was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction.

I am looking forward to trying more, including the punpkin pots de creme recipe–perfect for fall.

The recipes need to be rewritten so they’re clearer, but for the most part this book was droppin helpful. I’ve searched for other pH lists, but they all focus on whether foods are acid-forming once digested, not if the foods are acidic themselves. My dietary changes resulted in improvement in one symptom. Many everyday foods aren’t listed, but we get the ph of several different varieties of apple. In short, I’m grateful to have learned about this approach. That flies in the face of other health cookbooks that call for reduced sugar.


If you suffer from occasional heartburn this book would kouf,an that said, I’d just cut back jjamie the usual culprits and not convert to these extremely bland recipes before you had too.

So koufmn, this is the best book I’ve read about acid reflux. I’m going to try Dr. Two doctors tested and proofed all these recipes in the kitchen, before publishing.

I have to feed a family and I don’t see most of the recipes being liked by the small members of the household mad mushroom stew anyone?

Dropping Acid: the Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure by Jamie Koufman – De Gustibus Cooking School

If you’re just starting out and want to know “what the heck do I eat today? I recommend this book to anyone with a chronic cough related to laryngopharyngeal reflux, anyone with acid reflux, anyone trying to stay Koufman’s The Chronic Cough Enigma and this book are instrumental in making me feel so much better as I use their day induction diet that I’m eager to try the recipes in this book and adapt favorites of mine.

Hopefully others will draw from this research and expand upon the subject. Robillard’s “fast tract” diet, which I hope will address the underlying issue. Fast forward t I’m giving this book five stars because, to my knowledge, it is the best resource available on silent reflux or laryngopharyngeal reflux LPR. I liked the discussion of how acid reflux works and what can make it worse or help it.


It gives the ins and outs of reflux and the science behind it. Dec 21, Adam Escobar rated it it was ok. The recipes looked OK, but most people should Disclaimer: The last part of the book is recipes – to be honest, none of them looked too exciting to me.

Refresh and try again.

Dropping Acid eBook by Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

Preview — Dropping Acid by Jamie Koufman. I won this in a goodreads giveaway.

There are so many books and articles out there that conflict each other that I hope that this is the one that works for me! This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I have two reviews for this book. My droopping with LPR started three years ago when I started having difficulty breathing; I was coughing, wheezing, and generally felt like I couldn’t catch my breath.

The upside is that many of the recipes look very simple-I made the spaghetti and white clam sauce tonight and enjoyed it.