The domain: is online and should be working. The SourceForge site has a support page for the software but it’s currently incomplete. Editing clips is the bread and butter of all movie creation, so starting with that in Jahshaka seems to fit. One can realistically work with many. So I downloaded the Jahshaka editor but I have no idea how to use it (or even how to import footage) and I can’t find a user’s manual. Anyone.

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Is this still out there??

Tutorials – Jahshaka

Yup, what Richard said. The video should pop up on your editing monitor. The Mode setting is used to specify where to put the new material; Jahshaka will Append to Track by default. Some effects can actually replace the video, noise being just one example.

This means we need to create what’s called a content pipeline. If you do not have Jahshaka binary packages for your distribution, you will need to build the editing program from the source code package, which involves some preparation. Audio Driver selects a driver for sound output while replaying your clips, and ALSA will be your best option in most cases. Users with SUSE A pipeline is essentially a protocol where only certain kinds of content are created and used during production.

Post as a guest Name. For the best setting, you might want to refer to your camera manual.

Jahshaka Tutorials

Manaul GraphiX All that jahshaka seems to have done in the last ten years or so is manusl their website and change their logo.

To move the borders later, you can use the green arrows to the left and right of these details, but this is not true if you actually cut something. If you overload your computer with effects, you might notice that the preview starts to hang. European countries use the PAL standard Normalisation.


The program is organized into many different “tabs,” the ,anual ones being Desktop, Animation, Effects, Editing, Paint, and Text CG, along with their sub-tabs, all located on the bottom left-hand corner.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. One of the first things you notice about the free video-editing software Jahshaka is its unconventional controls.

Now you have this sweet soundtrack you want to throw in the background, but you feel limited because of the one track. I jahshaoa still like to learn how this software works, so if you guys could help me out maanual would be great!

Thanks to the OpenGL interface, Jahshaka calculates effects in real time, offers compositing functions along with a painting tool especially for video the aptly named Videopaintfast animation tools for moviemakers, and, of course, video editing.

Jahshaka? – Off-topic Chat – Blender Artists Community

The SourceForge site has a support page for the software but it’s currently incomplete. Although Jahshaka can handle video files in many formats, it can’t currently import movies directly from a video camera. Next, install the OpenAL system, which includes both the libraries and the developer packages.

This view hides all your scenes except the one you selected, displaying additional information at the same time. You don’t need to deal with the red numbers so much because it just tells you how long the movie clip is, unless you desperately need something to go for 2 seconds exactly, although for some reason you can’t edit it directly anyway.

The opening shots typically suffer from camera wobble, or you forget to press the stop button and carry on filming your own feet. The next obstacle occurs immediately after launching the program.

Let’s apply a fade-in effect to the vacation movie, which is just the right kind of effect if you change locations. You can also move the video anywhere on the desktop to suit your organizational tastes, whether that is the “controlled chaos” approach where you have clumps of media in separate piles, or the “righty tighty” tradition jaushaka all of the media is organized alphabetically with perfect jshshaka.


Let’s start by removing the camera wobble. He gave his own name to the results – Jahshaka [1]. Although this approach is perfect for legacy CRT tubes, Jahshaka has to calculate a full image from the two fields.

Select the one in the middle by clicking on it with the left mouse button, and then press the Del manyal. The buttons on the left Desktop through Text CG are for fast access to individual modules.

I think I found a possibly better compositor for free. If you don’t see the media player on your left, but instead the great gaping darkness similar to the right side, jahshaia take your cursor, position it all the way to the left side of the program, and then click and drag out, revealing the panel with the player.

Jahshaka will automatically close the gap this creates Figures 5 and 6. For convenience, you can drag and drop clips to arrange them in the timeline. Clicking the Expand button tells the program to display the individual frames in a scene. If you are unhappy with the results, change to the Cut tab and edit the transition just like any other effect.

It seems that Jahshaka has something against the latest Qt4 libraries.

Right after launching the program, you have about a dozen options.