The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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Distributed system consists of the master server and slave server, which compose a site to perform the U server function. You can also modify, lmanager, and run the equipment backup or saving policy.

The view can be zoomed in or out so that you can view the objects clearly. It displays the information such as the current status, current login user, IP address of the server that is connected currently, and current operation result.

It consists of a command switch and multiple member switches.

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In this case, U backs up or saves the data automatically and periodically according to the configured policy. Meanwhile, the actions on both sides need to be negotiated based on different fault cases. When the time expires, these operations automatically bbms. In actual practice, the U and NEs may be located at different floors of the same building, or different buildings or cities.

The station reports an exceptional event to the U The U needs to be connected to only the nearby NE on the managed imanxger. Figure shows the alarm notification means. In this manner, you can know the statistics about network-related indicators, evaluate network performance, vms perform association analysis on network performance.


You can run the test suite associated with a certain running policy at a specified time daily, weekly, or monthly. Hence, this function does not affect services carried by the link.

Device Management By using the U, you can manage device panels, shelves, cards, clock sources, and system parameter profiles. The event will end when the bit error ratio per second is better than within 10 consecutive seconds. In this imajager, VLAN is expanded. The link attenuation adjustment mode also applies to the transmission link where the number of added wavelengths differs from the number of dropped ones at an OADM.

This document provides guides for getting the features and functions of the U The difference between alarm suppression and alarm masking is as follows: Indicates a hazard with a medium or low imamager of risk, which if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury.

In the case of network failure, the communication channel between the U and its managed network is interrupted. Configure the master clock.

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When threshold the performance event count value exceeds the upper threshold, a performance threshold-crossing event is generated; when the performance event count value is below the upper threshold for gms period of time, the performance threshold-crossing event is ended. Created according to user test requests, a test case is the entity of a test tool based on the application layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, and MPLS services.


Layer 3 Physical port Not supported Carries tunnels. Meanwhile, the Client and ODUk cross-connections are created by using the end-to-end trail management function.

iManager N2000 BMS

In this way, the operation risk is reduced. In addition, traffic imaager different VLANs passes through corresponding trails, which provides a well load balancing mechanism.

Service Assurance The U monitors the running status of the network 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in multiple ways. This mode does not involve the spectrum analyzer unit, and is thus cost-effective.

You can monitor packets, perform routine maintenance operations and in-service commissioning through a mirrored port in a flexible manner. The color LCD display and backlight design makes testing work more comfortable and convenient, whether during daylight or at night.

The U system contains management components for manageable equipment. You can perform operations such as adding, stripping and exchanging of tags in different scenarios. Power Consumption Management By using the U, a user can perform the following operations: