IEC 60312 PDF

IEC 60312 PDF

IEC Vacuum cleaners for household use – Part 1: Dry vacuum cleaners – Methods for measuring the performance. IEC Edition INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. Vacuum cleaners for household use –. Part 1: Dry vacuum cleaners – Methods for measuring. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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This information will be continuously updated. European standard size and material according to standard IEC in the 5. If you have skype or whatsapp, pls tell me, we can chat more smoothly.

Do you need a multi-user copy? Download Hardcopy English Spanish. IEC clause 11 Frame material: Conforms to the requirements of IEC clause 2. Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co.

Preview Abstract IEC IEC Clause Red copper plate Heat source: This uec is given for the convenience of users of this International Standard and ieec not constitute an endorsement by IEC of the suppliers named. Due to influence of environmental conditions, variations in time, origin of test materials and proficiency of the operator, most of the described test methods will give more reliable results when applied for comparative testing of a number of appliances at the same time, in the same laboratory and by the same operator.


It is used for the manufacturers and testing organizations to test the vacuum cleaner. We provide you with industry leading test equipment, advanced online system and solutions—anywhere in the world. Isc here to access to information on suppliers of test materials and details of test equipment. Our prices are in Swiss francs CHF.

Look inside Relevant for energy efficiency smart city. The purpose of this document is to specify essential performance characteristics of dry vacuum cleaners being of interest to the users and to describe methods for measuring these characteristics.

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IEC clause For each measuring point, measure after 1 minutes after throttling, and then vacuum cleaner 6032 again to achieve reference conditions. Third party calibration certificate cost additional Model Number: The following test report forms are related: You can check the temperature of the gas released by the vacuum cleaner.

We accept all major credit cards American Express, Mastercard and VisaPayPal and bank transfers ieec form of payment. According to European standard requirements, European standard A test method for throttle valve, control valve opening size, a total of 15 points.


High Performance Vacuum Cleaner Test System European Standard IEC 60312

PVC or Bakelite iecc plate material: First, run 10 minutes to establish a temperature reference value for the release gas for measurements at each point below. The European standard is modified according to standard air density in accordance with 5.

This document is not intended for battery-operated vacuum cleaners.