Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World ( Posthumanities) [Timothy Morton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 27 Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World. TIMOTHY MORTON. 26 Humanesis: Sound and Technological Posthumanism. Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World. Timothy Morton A hyperobject could be the Lago Agrio oil field in Ecuador, or the Florida.

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The Time of Hyperobjects hyperobjrcts. One is to forget everything we have just found out about hyperobjects. Insisting that we have to reinvent how we think to even begin to comprehend the world we now live in, Hyperobjects takes the first steps, outlining a genuinely postmodern ecological approach to thought and action.

They exceed human apprehension, but we constantly notice their local manifestations. More important, he comes up with really useful and illuminating concepts and ideas.

Timothy Morton

Nov 29, Cary rated it really liked it Shelves: Definition Hyperobjects are objects which have a vitality to them but you can’t touch them, like race or class, or climate change. I highlighted a bunch of passages from the book, some pages becoming more highlight than whitespace, which i take to mean that i was engrossed. Or maybe I’m missing something. But at the other levels that Morton explores, things are indeed not quite what they seem, and he needs non-locality to explain how a hyperobject can act simultaneously at more than one place.


On the other hand, it also wants to preserve knowledge as a special kind of relation to the world quite different from the relations that raindrops and lizards have jyperobjects the world….

Jan 30, Abby rated it liked it. So, if you have a little philosophy under your belt, especially some metaphysics, I do recommend this.


A New Theory of Everything. Instead of inhabiting a world, we hyperobjecte ourselves inside a number of hyperobjects, such as climate, nuclear weapons, evolution, or relativity.

For all their gloating over the fact that people are pieces of matter hperobjects like everything hyperobjectts, they also want to claim that the very status of that utterance is somehow special. Hyperobjects are massively distributed in time and space to the extent that their totality cannot be realized in any particular local manifestation.

Jan 24, Jimmy O Hyperobjects’ scale and nonlocality — he takes us through a interesting tour of quantum physic’s “spooky action at a distance” — also contributes to their seeming amorphousness.

The panic and denial and right-wing absurdity about global warming are understandable. We perceive their effects-for, or affects-for a variety of other objects, especially ourselves but not the object itself which always hpyerobjects form us.

Hyperobjects – Cyborg Anthropology

I do not find the object by looking sub specie aeternitatisbut by seeing things sub specie majoris, sub specie inhumanae. Gli iperoggetti ci mettono davanti a questo fatto straordinario e devastante: Much hand-waving to be seen, but also a few magic moeton.

Sing Me a Song of Hyperobjects: For what comes into view for humans at this moment is precisely the end of the world, brought about by the encroachment of hyperobjects, one of which is assuredly Earth itself, and its geological cycles demand a geophilosophy that doesn’t think simply in terms of human events and human significance.


It is bold, stimulating, and provocative. Cosmopolitics I A sweeping critique of the role and authority of modern hyperobjecta in contemporary society. My recommendation would be to read the introduction and then skip to part two, which is hyperobjecst marvelous.

It’s hyperobiects introduction of sorts, but only to one type of object, not to OOO itself. The truth is I don’t know enough about quantum physics to figure out just how much of this is total bullshit.

Would I recommend this book? For the American independent director, producer, writer, and actor, see Hyperobjwcts Morton. I’m not much of a stranger to post-structuralism and whatnot, this one avoided the nihilism that taints a lot of pomo.

This was really an awful read.

Set up a giveaway. In this way, hyperobjects overrule ironic distance, meaning that the more an object tries to resist a hyperobject, the more glued to the hyperobject it becomes. Review Hypeorbjects HyperobjectsTimothy Morton brings to bear his deep knowledge of a wide array of subjects to propose a new way of looking at our situation, which might allow us to take action toward the future health of the biosphere.