Hydrostatic ways, by comparison, do not have this contact. In a hydrostatic system, the guideways use a pressurized film of oil, with pockets in the way system. Features of Hydrostatic Slides • Very low friction, no friction at positioning • Movement Hydrostatic guideways can compensate for forces resulting from weight. Find Hydrostatic Guideway related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec – a trusted source of Hydrostatic Guideway information.

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Results 1 to 17 of Nausiatingly long weeks of lining them up. Once they are right, last for years.

For more information regarding this item Hydrostatic Slides or other items, fill out the form below or contact our office hydrostaatic Keep the way covers in good shape. I love the idea, though I’m sure that there would be a gotta or two along the development course. Well, it probably ain’t your local job shop, but seeing as how the company has been around since beforethat would be a good indication someone buys what they make. Hydrostatic Linear Motor Guide Linear motors are used on high-speed machine tools with high acceleration and slide speeds.

Hydrostatic Slides

This is an example of a hydrostatic spindle designed guidewwys high speed grinding with CBN grinding wheels. Table load, I believe is 10K lbs Who has them in production now?

Hydrostatic guide rail Stroke: May have changed by now. Machines equipped with this system always have sir actuated clamps.

Hydrostatic Guideways

Home Drive technology Hydrostatic bearings Guideways. Hydrostatic Center Bearings – Only one radial bearing – Moment and axial forces are carried by an axial bearing – Integrated clamping piston and rotating oil union for a hydraulic collet. That’s about as VooDoo and I’ve ever known Machinery’s to get!

This gives better damping during hard turning and interupted cutting and will produce better surface finish, part rounds, accuracy and tool life.


Hydrostatic Slides

Products by Type Machine Tool Gauges. I saw one at a local machine rebuilding compay today, actually it was in the process, they machined the original ways off and was fitting it with the linear rails, I always thought that linear rails wouldn’t hold up to the cutting pressure. Typical applications Guideways with and without wrap-around Guideway-units with linear motors Compact guideways, replaceable with linear roll guideways Round guideways, simultaneous linearand rotary movements V-Flat guides Guide rails Guide plates Examples.

Keep the oil clean.

Hydrostatic guideway unit with integrated linear motor Run-off precision: The cross-connection is the key to stiffness – increasing pressure on the top guiddways to cutting forces will cause the pressure at the orifice to increase and this will increase the pressure on the bottom due to cross connection to compensate.

By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you guiedways to the use of cookies. That is not hydrostatic Steel rings Short-circuit, copper rings, rotor bars. Receive a quote or more information on: Waldrich Coburg guide way grinders, love them. In the other thread, the idea was to use cylindrical ground round way bar for ease and trift and then have the carraige slide back and forth on hydrostatic linear bearings that would get pressure supplied to them from some external source.

It has linear ways all the way around. From everything I read, it sounds vuideways these things should be dog simple and really cheap.

The small bearing diameter in combination with high surface speed allows the use of CBN wheels even for undercuts in a camshaft application. Hydrostatic Leadscrews – Speed comparable to a linear motor – Very low friction when machining, virtually frictionless during positioning – Steps in the 0. I said they were hydrostatic but that was just something that I threw off of the top of my head.


Heat that is generated is moved immediately out of the spindle area with the oil and cooled in the chiller. I worked at Husky Injection Molding before starting my own business and they are a large consumer of Hembrug Lathes both in Europe and In Canada in the facilities where they make parts with molding surfaces.

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AM is designed for clamping dies of various widths on on press slides and tables. Linear motors are used on high-speed machine tools with high acceleration and slide speeds. Its obvious you dont have a clue about how fast hard turning is as compared to grinding. Hydrostatic Linear Motor Guide The PM Flow Controller makes it possible for machine builders to easily integrate custom hydrostatic systems yydrostatic both new and existing machines.

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Login to Your Account. The orifices are cross-connected to provide stiffness.

That book is expencive though! I’m not totally convinced. Ever since this idea was proposed in the homemade lathe thread, I’ve been facinated with the idea. Anyways, hydrostatic floated on filterd refrigerated super clean oil and were for particularly acurate machines where the accuracy was so important wear was unthinkable.

I could be wrong, but my understanding is “hydrostatic” ways are the box type of way. Very expensive to maintain. In real machine shop the way guards weighed thousands of pounds, the lips on the way guards always needed attention.