Download your HPI kit or part manual here. Savage Flux HP RTR GHz, # – Savage SS, # – Savage X Reverse RTR, # – Savage X SS Kit . View and Download HPI Racing Savage X SS instruction manual online. Big block 4wd monster truck. Savage X SS Toy pdf manual download. View and Download HPI Racing Savage X instruction manual online. Savage X Toy pdf Toy HPI Racing Savage X SS Instruction Manual. big block 4wd.

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Flushed Screw Settings for Bpi Mixture The stock carburetor settings are designed to fit flush to the carburetor body allowing one to easily get back to factory settings. Alloy diff cups with steel pin guides. Adjustable dual disk fade-resistant brake set for incredible stopping power. All of the internal diff gears are now shimmed for precise mesh, and we even shim the outdrive bearings and input shafts for extra precision.

Ready to bash straight from the box! Chrome Warlock wheels with tough 17mm hex hubs Large 17mm metal alloy hex hubs hold the wheels securely and prevent stripping. Durable Finned aluminium Crankcase Savags aluminium crankcase is designed for maximum durability and heat dissipation with numerous heat sink fins. Increased webbing inside and out of central savags for greatly increased durability in the rough stuff.

Redesigned Radio Box New radio box with extra room for electronics, includes provisions for an external battery level indicator and an optional charging jack.

Cast alloy differential cups with steel pin guides are now standard on the front and rear of the truck, delivering unmatched durability and extending the standard maintenance interval of the diffs. Cam Type Servo Saver Adjustable design allows precise tuning for optimal steering response and extra servo gear protection. Aluminium diff cases to prevent spreading of the internal gears. A clear and trimmed body with pre-cut decals is included so you can do your own custom paint job.


Lightweight suspension arms New lightweight suspension arms deliver quick suspension response and reduce overall truck weight.


To beef up the braking, our dual stainless steel disc brake kit comes standard, featuring two vented stainless discs and a machined steel brake hub. We’ve got you covered with heavy duty dogbones, diff shafts and cup joints. Heavy Duty Dogbones A powerful engine requires a heavy duty manuao for durability. HPI designers and engineers have continued to improve the Savage X, making the best even better!

No chassis disassembly is required! Tuning your engine just got easier. Stiff racing springs for superb swvage feel and best suspension action. X-style clipless radio box protects the electronics from splashes, dirt and more. Dual Disc Brake Stainless steel, drilled disc brakes provide serious stopping power, enough to do “brakies” on command.

HPI Racing Savage X 4.6 Big Block Instruction Manual

Hardened 4-gear diff setup can handle the abuse of high-horsepower engines like the F4. The engine is mated to a high performance polished tuned pipe and high flow tube header to help maximize power output. This avoids unnecessary damage to the needle during tuning.

Quick access to the front or rear differential by removing six screws. Easy access to the differential and centre transmission gears! Steel Clutch Bell Spacer. The engine mount now has an adjustable nose support for the enginedesigned to prevent the engine from moving during hard landings or crashes. Featuring a wide range of improvements, a huge jump in power and several option parts now as standard, the Savage X 4.

As you progress through the build, you get extra option parts not normally included in the Savage X pre-built trucks, plus you add in your own engine and radio equipment for a truly custom build!

Please select your region and language settings. The powerful Nitro Star K4. Adjustable 2 speed transmission with heavy-duty metal internal gears for durability, bottom end punch and high top speed. Even the nylon skid plates and bumpers have been modified for extra durability to securely hold the suspension pins and extra sealing has been added to prevent dirt from getting into the differentials.


The center gearbox can be accessed without removing the chassis plates. Specification may be subject to change.

The massive tyres with chunky treads, big pick-up style bodyshell, and sss flashy aggressive paint job all scream ‘Watch out, I’m coming through’! Dual-stage air filter to protect the engine from dirt and fine dust. You get everything in the box that you need to immediately go out stomping the competition.

To add cool looks, the GT-2 tyres are mounted and pre-glued on Chrome Warlock wheels.

HPI Racing Savage X Instruction Manual

It can be mounted with almost every Savage bodyshell but requires additional cutting on your bodyshell. Adjustable slipper clutch for drivetrain protection. Specification may be subject to change. Savabe X SS chassis without engine All these parts are included in the box – all you need is an engine! Just like assembling a standard static model, you get a fully detailed set of instructions and you assemble every part of the Savage X SS with your own hands.

The Savage X series has been designed for quick and easy access to centre transmission gears as well as the front and rear gear diffs – for easy maintenance!


Please select your region and language settings. The first thing people notice about the Savage X monster truck is its immense size.

You’ll also get the completely beefed-up drivetrain that comes normally in the Savage X SS: Except for requiring a big-block engine, this kit is exactly like the Savage X SS kit. Heavy duty diff shafts, cup joints, drive shafts and dogbones are used mabual maximum strength and durability.