Hobbymat MD65 Lathe (and Prazimat SD): Operating Manual, Maintenance Manual, Exploded-components Spares List, Wiring Diagram and screwcutting. Some photos of My Hobbymat MD65 Lathe. The Hobbymat was made in Eastern Germany until fairly recently and was designed for The Specifications are. Hobbymat md65 lathe instructions manual by andrew_mazurkiewic_2 in Types > Instruction manuals.

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Hobbymat MD65 / Prazi SD300 lathe

United Kingdom and many other countries See details. Chatter and crappy finish could be due to a bunch of things – loose spindle bearings, loose gibs, poorly ground or dull tool or below center height or even too much work hanging out of the chuck. But only after I exhausted all other avenues — basically everything in the Haynes manual I had to hand. I got mine to cnc but it does such a fine quick job on little things i may just leave in manual mode.

My order from Thanet Tool Supplies arrived this afternoon — a set of letter and number punches, the aforementioned C spanners, a Zeus Precision data chart booklet and some other bits and pieces. Motors are specials non standard treat with care! All adds to the fun, I guess! Has anyone done any maintenance on an MD65 which is apparently similar to a Prazimat?


Is this still the best stuff to use, or should I use a different solvent instead?

Would like to meet you sometime John There are an awful lot of things that could be causing your surface finish problems. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

Hobbymat Md 65 Manual

They move, but not particularly easily. Have a look at the Workshop Practice SeriesAmazon do them. Looking for any advise on this machine.

However, there would more likely be 2 holes at degrees for use with these, so I guess the former is more likely. The manual like all such documents assumes that nuts will come undone and that screw heads never break, rust never ever happens Comments throughout like the following are entertaining, too.

So what is the proper tool to use for removing Hobbymat driveshaft locking nuts?

For additional information, see the Mankal Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab See details. NO hacksaw and NO chisel,please.

Welcome to the forum! We are currently accepting calls. Get rid of the source of vibration?

You will bend the leadscrew before you can split the handle. Sign in for more lists.

Hobbymat MD65 & Prazimat SD Lathe Operator’s Manual & Parts Manual |

Nanual you could provide some description and photos of the problem you are having This listing has ended. Aug 08, I have some Comma lubricating grease in the shed, amber coloured and a consistency slightly thicker than green Swarfega — the 3in1 is the usual “comes hobbymmat a white plastic bottle” stuff that looks like.


The screws m6d5 off black, the bed ect. I’m still unclear what the two allen head screws do on the back of the tail stock. If all else fails the “plan of last resort” is to buy a replacement, hacksaw most of the way through the handle, then split it in two by driving a chisel into the gap After that, try changes in speed to get away from the resident frequency, change feed rate, try a different tool profile. Get in touch Email tony lathes. The console even had a little TV on it.

Thanks for all the replies and help. There are 51 A4 pages including pictorial parts lists. Skip to main content. Start of add manula list layer.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I reckon a few pieces of manaul padded with offcuts of laminate floor to avoid damaging the lathe should provide sufficient.