The Death of Virgil by Hermann Broch, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Death of Virgil by Hermann Broch. Hermann Broch’s enormous trilogy, The Sleepwalkers (), begins with old Herr The Death of Virgil () constitutes a marked advance, or prolongation, .

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Kafka on the Shore Haruki Murakami. I just couldn’t handle it over the long haul. Composed in hexameters, about 60 lines of which were left unfinished at his death, the Aeneid incorporates the various legends of Aeneas and makes him the founder of Roman greatness.

The Death of Virgil – Hermann Broch

This marriage dured until The Death of Virgil represents the only genuine technical advance that fiction has made since Ulysses. More radically than Joyce, it subverts the time-structure veath linear progressions on which prose fiction is normally built.

Out of the last hours of Virgil’s life and the final stirrings of his consciousness, the Austrian writer Hermann Broch fashioned one of the great works of twentieth-century modernism, a book that embraces an entire world and renders it with an immediacy that is at once sensual herman profound. Well, a thumb full. The Death of Virgil German: Even if Broch does not side with Virgil in the third section, the rest of the book makes it clear that Broch is not hosting a debate.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. I once said that The Death of Virgil exists on its own plane of reality, and that is what makes the book worth reading. Perhaps the final three sections of The Death of Virgil will suggest answers to these and other questions. Begun while Broch was imprisoned in a German concentration camp, The Death of Virgil is part historical novel and part prose poem — and always an intensely musical and immensely evocative meditation on the relation between life and death, the if and the modern.

What I’ve discovered is that while I talk and think about the characters the most, love an interesting and vivid setting, and can take or leave plot, the real deal breaker for me is the language.


The Death of Virgil

Virgil’s last earthly act is the freeing of his own slaves. This is where the author lost me, because while I was reading I stopped focusing and often I came to the end of a page and had no memory of what I’d just read, because the way he described things just slid away. Broch was born in Vienna to a prosperous Jewish family and worked for some time in his family’s factory in Teesdorf, though he maintained his literary interests privately.

This is if anything emphasized in the last, short section. Jan 31, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: La morte di Virgilio – Italia. The Outlaws of the Marsh.

One sees many shades of Aeneas in this tale about Virgil’s trip to visit Caesar to present him the Aeneid.

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Caesar dissuades him from destroying his manuscript. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. View all 6 comments. Wow, some of the phantasmagoric descriptions, both straight-forward and surreal, and word-pictures are absolutely startling and haunting!!

Return to Book Page. In Broch was born in Vienna to a prosperous Jewish family and worked for some time in his family’s factory in Teesdorf, though he maintained his literary interests privately. Death of Virgil written by Hermann Broch”. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. At times the dath can be hermann bewildering, at others it can be nearly dreadful, but the strong passages really make the confusion and the temporary frustration worth the while.

Although only a few of his works are virvil read,…. A new artistic expression, or a salvation through human service?

Trivia About The Death of Virgil. For all its ambition, much of The Death of Virgil is undeniably dense, abstruse, and difficult to follow. Can he possibly not deayh what platonic love is? It is difficult to convey the levels of experience this reveals, wrapped as they are in words and sentences of deep musical content, a drenched dreamlike quality.


By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. I was immediately captivated by the first section Water – The Arrival of The Death of Virgilwith its masterful, lyrical prose: A big help was This book was amazing!! Inwhen the nazis annexed Austria, he emigrated to Britain after he was briefly arrested.

And both books end with a death. Even though Virgil dearly loved the life of study and thought in Athens he was torn by his memories of home as he arrived in Brundisium: Surely he was also the boundlessness aiming towards the flight! This is a multiple work of art review because once again a serendipitous simultaneous reading developed my thoughts about this book. Our emotionally wounded narrator has just realized that a convalescing woman he sees hobble down the village promenade each morning in a small Spanish town where he is holed up reminds him of his high school civics teacher in the former GDR: Virgil seems, by all counts, to have been a homosexual individual.

The English translation of The Death of Virgil is also a remarkable achievement, created almost concurrently with the German original and in close collaboration with Broch himself. You know how inventive German can be in the construction of …more Oh dear: As is my wont, I approached with no background ammo: Politics play a role in it, but the focus is tightly on the artist and the art.

At first cautiously introducing themes of rebirth and existential extrapolations on time and being lifted directly from Heideggerand finally abandoning all subtlety and throwing in the Messianic birth to a Virgin and the ensuing holy trinity as a prophecy, 20 years before the birth of Christ and on page About Hermann Broch Hermann Broch was born in Vienna, Austria, where he trained as an engineer and studied philosophy and mathematics.

Virgil claims, as he asks his friends and then Augustus, to let him destroy the Aeneid because it is all surface; he has not succeeded in perceiving reality.