Amiel’s Journal has ratings and 14 reviews. Jessica said: I have completed my journey with Henri. I was a little sad to lose him. Of course technical. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. INTRODUCTION. IT WAS in the last days of December, , that the first volume of Henri Frederic Amiel’s “Journal Intime” was published at Geneva. The book.

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And this is what causes this book to be so frank, serious, and useful. He was a member of the parliament of Frankfort.

If the aim of life is to teach us renunciation, then welcome sickness, hindrances, Bufferings of every kind!

Amiel’s Journal

Not this study or that study, not this detail or that, but the whole of things, the sum journa Knowledge, the Infinite, the Absolute, alone had value or reality. This abstract, piquant, sen- tentious style, too, is a little dry, over-refined and mo- notonous. Amiel left the letter for three months unanswered and then wrote a reply which M.

What is it which saves? Open Preview See a Problem? There is no serious piety without heroism. Does duty consist in obeying one’s nature, even the best and most spiritual?

It’s also sad that people died of easily treated diseases before modern times.

In the same year that M. Well, I had to stop after almost every journal entry and allow myself some reflection time. May 12, Walter rated it really liked it.

Before it, you have but vague out- lines or dim presentiments of jiurnal. His social difficulties represent rather a dull discomfort in his life, which in course of time, and in combination with a good many other. Everything is a symbol of a symbol, and a symbol of ‘what?

Knowledge, science, stirred in him no mere sense of curiosity or cold critical instinct “he came to his desk as to an altar. May not the general well-being be purchased too dearly at such a price? XV read enormously, and that he was, generally speaking, inclined rather to make friends with men older than him- self than with his contemporaries.

But if its aim is to produce the perfect man, then one must watch over one’s integrity of mind and body. Coming as they did at a favorable moment, and answering many a positive question and many a vague aspiration of youth, they exer- cised a decisive influence over his thought; they were to him an important step in that continuous initiation which we call life, they filled him with fresh intuitions, they brought near to him the horizons of his dreams.


Scherer, ” do others expect much from me? No one can write more poetical exercises than he on the old text of pulvis et umbra sumus, but beyond this his philoso- phical power fails him.

And yet at the time of his death all that this fine critic and profound thinker had given to the world, after a life entirely spent in the pursuit of letters, was, in the first place, a few volumes of poems which had had no effect except on a small number of sympathetic friends; a few pages of pensees intermin- gled with the poems, and, as we now know, extracted from the Journal ; and four or five scattered essays, the length of magazine articles, on Mme.

And, in general, the pathetic interest of the book for all whose sympathy answers to what George Sand calls ” les tragedies que la pensee aperpoit et que Vml ne voit point,” is very great.

In we find him for a time brought into contact with Thierry, Lamennais, Beranger, Mignet, etc. Man is saved by love and duty, and by the hope which springs from duty, or rather from the moral facts of consciousness, as a flower springs from the soil. I abhor useless regrets and repentances. Every here and there Amiel expresses himself in a kind of shorthand, perfectly intelligible to a Frenchman, but for which an English equivalent, at once terse and clear, is hard to find.

But he had his friends, his pleasures, and even to some extent his successes, like other men. To be misunderstood even by those whom one loves is the cross and bitterness of life It is the secret of that sad and melancholy smile on the lips of great men which so few understand ; it is the cruelest trial re- served for self-devotion; it is what must have oftenest wrung the heart of the Son of man; and if God could suffer, it would be the wound we should be forever inflict- ing upon Him.

And meantime his whole journal is full of expressions of the deepest Christian understanding and feeling.

Journal of Henri Frederic Amiel/Preface – Wikisource, the free online library

I couldn’t make it past the nd page, it’s too dry a read. And more than this, the production, such as it was, had been a pro- duction born of effort and difficulty; and the labor squan- dered on poetical forms, on metrical experiments and intri- cate problems of translation, as well as the occasional affec- tations of the prose style, might well have convinced the critical bystander that the mind of which these things were the offspring could have no real importance, no profitable Xnessage, for the world.


He gave a careful analysis of the first half of the Journal -resumed eighteen months later in the saine periodical on the appearance of the second volume and, while protesting against what he con- ceived to be the general tendency and effect of Amiel’s mental story, he showed himself fully conscious of the rare and delicate qualities of the new writer.

The whole be- comes less barbarous, and at the same time more vulgar.

His philosophy is merely literary and popular; his originality is only in iintime and in execution. If its summons is near, so much the better still ; if a half -death overtake me, still so much henrk better, for so the path of success is closed to me only that I may find opening before me the path of heroism, of moral greatness and resignation.

A large proportion of his poems deal with national subjects. After a long struggle, beginning with the revolutionary outbreak of November,the Radical party, led by James Fazy, had succeeded in ousting the Conservatives that is to say, the governing class, which had ruled the republic since the Restoration from power.

He had no intome sympathy with radicalism.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel from Project Gutenberg

There is an interest- ing description in one of his intume on Berlin, published in the Bibliotheque Universelle de Geneve, of a university ceremonial there in or aboutand of the effect produced on the student’s young imagination by the sight of half the leaders of Intimr research gathered into a single room.

The intellect is clear and unwavering; but amiell heart clings to old traditions, and steadies itself on. Equality engenders uniformity, and it is by sacrificing what is excellent, remarkable, and extra- ordinary that we get rid of what is bad.

Of these years of travel, however, the four years spent at Berlin were by far the most important. His book is representative of human ex- perience in its more intimate and personal forms to aii extent hardly equaled since Rousseau. During the years, however, which immediately followed Amiel’s birth, some signs of decadence began to be visible in this brilliant Genevese society.