Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Repair Manuals – Fix your bike like a pro! Get your Repair Manual fast from , with our Best Price. Harley Davidson Sportster Models Service Repair Manual Harley Davidson-Sportster_ XLH Sportster 93 a 98 – Service Manual TG. View and Download Harley-Davidson Sportster owner’s manual online. Sportster Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Iron , Sportster .

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Remove all gasket residue and clean the cylinders as de- scribed in Inspection in this section. Primary drive cover 9. Sensor plate screw See each listing for international shipping davidsonn and costs.

Harley Sportster Manual | eBay

Oil control ring 7. Locknut models Rear heat shield 4. Blow out the jets Figure 32 with com- pressed air.

Remove the primary chain, engine sprocket and clutch Chapter Seven. Re- tract one pawl. Then insert the fer- rule into the left anchor slot at the sportsteg of the throttle.

Harley-Davidson Iron – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Install a new O-ring into the cover groove Figure This circlip is located behind the main drive gear oil seal. Clean the transmission cavity Figure 9 with cleaning solvent and dry with compressed air.


Pry the lockplate tabs A, Figure 61 away from the mounting screws and remove the lockplate and screws. Record this distance for each valve guide so that the wportster can be installed to the same dimen- sion.

Check battery connec- Recharge tions. If the dis- tance is not within specification, replace the cover. Pages are not torn but do show signs of Alternately tighten the thumbscrews on the side of the connecting rod.

Left mounting plate 2. Front Wheel Bearing End Play Check On early models, adjust end play by varying the length of the spacer sleeve between the wheel bearings. Oil pump drive gear. Disassembly Haarley to Figure 9.

If the voltage is incorrect, check for an open circuit between the battery, amp circuit breaker, ignition switch, and fuse block. Install the sensor plate gasket, inner cover and outer cover.

Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster Service Manual

Install the test har- nesses Figure 44 between the ignition module and the module connectors. First mainshaft gear Remove the ignition coil mounting bolt C, Figure 68 and remove the coil. Once the sensor is activated, the motorcycle must be re- turned to vertical and the ignition turned off then on.


Outer ramp early models 5.

If the holes do not align, tighten the fastener just enough to achieve alignment. Engine sprocket and pri- mary chain removal is not required. Lockwasher early models Note the Connected voltmeter reading while progressing along sporfster harness.

Install mainshaft fourth gear with its shoulder Figure 75 facing toward the access door bearing.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Owner’s Manual

If there is continuity at either brush holder, Insulated the janual holder or plate is damaged. Using a suitable mandrel, press in the outer end bear- ing to the depth indicated in Figure Sprocket shaft right-hand outer race 4. The pin terminal slot, on the same side as the crimp tails, must face upward.

Is the charging system OK?

Feeler Gauge The feeler or thickness gauge Figure 25 is used for measuring the distance between two surfaces.