bij een woonblok volledig funderingsherstel noodzakelijk gebleken. Maatregelen Handboek funderingsherstel, op palen en op “staal”. Share. Stagnatie funderingsherstel Inhoud – KCAF Share. Partieel funderingsherstel van woningblokken – KCAF Share. Handboek Aanschrijven – KCAF. repair; foundation renewal; foundation problems; funderingsherstel .. is derived from the CURNET / SBR Handboek Funderingsherstel and CURNET / SBR.

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Other types of wood used for foundation piles in the Netherlands are larch, fir, oak and alder. The degradation stops when the water table is well above the wooden pile foundation again. The groundwater moves relatively poor threw the soft soil of the Holocene layer.

Followed by a description of which repair methods are used in each municipality and what the average costs are per dwelling. Time-duration is often strongly linked to costs fudneringsherstel the longer the repair takes the more it will cost.

Maanen explained that if the foundation still suffices Warenco in some occasions not only gives an enforcement period, but also the advice to e. Prins mentioned that bottom driven steel piles are still most frequently used, simply because it is the cheapest method, he explained.

Land forming has been stopped, but subsidence continues by slow tectonic movements. Prins stated that with a detached house a concrete ring beam can be used outside. Replacing parts of the old wooden pile foundation or adding new piles and connecting them with the existing foundation was done frequently in the Netherlands. The degradation will be the largest at the pile head and decreases with depth.

When foundation repair is needed for buildings dating from to these three foundation types are most commonly found CUR, The piles are jacked in sections directly underneath the heart of the existing foundation. Among wooden pile foundations soft rot fungi is the most liable for the decay of wood. Till about all buildings were constructed with lime mortar. The various existing techniques can be found in the literature and will be described thoroughly.

According to van Gelder, the costs are on average about 7. A general description and evaluation per alternative is given below. Within the existing construction methods it can however be assumed that enough research is done to get the costs down, both by contractors and engineering firms.


The loads are transferred with floor beams to the piles. The main reason being that most work is done outside and relatively less building material is probably needed to perform the repair. This activity can be done during other activities but must be finished before prestressing.

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The wooden piles were from pine or spruce depending mainly on the needed length and availability. This is partly the reason why handgoek front side of a building experience the relatively largest settlement like in the centre of Amsterdam at the canals.

This will however generally not give any problems when executing full foundation repair. A brief evaluation is given below by stating the advantages and disadvantages of this alternative which will be used for the conclusion at the end of this paragraph.

Problems with this type of foundation are mainly caused by wood decaying fungi, bacterial degradation and insufficient load-bearing capacity.

Information about the pile types used for foundation repair is given below. The changes in the strength of mortar as well as bricks can cause problems during foundation repair, particularly when the foundation repair involves excavations.

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Marthinus SteynstraatDordrecht A block of terraced flats, built in fumderingsherstel s, which has experienced funderingshrstel foundation problems, is selected as a reference model. When all the piles are in place the whole building can be levelled funderingshersrel jacking. Based on the basic design study and the information above it is determined within this thesis, that prestressing the existing load-bearing masonry wall is the best alternative in order to create a masonry beam for foundation repair and thus will be used in the other chapters.

Interesting fact is that the stiffer the floor is, the more counterbalance can be taken from the structure above. A table with indicators, derived from this estimate, is given below where it is shown that the masonry beam design can compete, in relation to costs, with current repair techniques.


Via weight calculations and the existing foundation plan, calculations are done to estimate the pile loads. Driving steel piles from the top is done with a modified jackhammer only for small diameter funderkngsherstel. This system can be combined with other systems. The piles are installed by hydraulically pushing short sections into the ground.

Supply and installation of all needed parts for a reinforced concrete beam. There is also a need for a working space of about 1m wide at the full length at the in- or outside of the building.

OATD: Klaver, T. – Foundation repair: In search of a more cost-effective construction method:

These building regulations can be found in the Buildings Decree Bouwbesluitin Dutch, and the building rules drawn up by a municipality. With the result of this part the first two objectives will be achieved and this section will provide the required input for the second part. These piles are sectionalized and fitted with a welded collar or at times a screw joint. Thereafter a steel casing can be inserted, secured with grout, to include the weight of the foundation.

Embankments to raise the street level can also cause horizontal movement of the soil. DIN 15 x 20 15 x 20 15oak x 20 2 existing section existing new section existing newside section view new section side view side view section section existing existing new section new section side view side view section section top view top view DIN DIN DIN 15 x 20 oak 15 xoak 20 2 2 oak oak section 2 section 2 section section detail top view DIN section detail detail detail detail top view top view Figure 5.

Cement mortar was introduced around The existing masonry must of course be in good condition to transfer these loads. In chapter six it is held that the magnitude of the repair costs is between Wel, however, claimed that jack-down piles are still used frequently, especially in the area of Rotterdam.