Status, Standard. Feature, Second Generation, High Resolution. Spectral Response (Short), nm. Spectral Response (Long), nm. Spectral Response. Image intensifiers were developed for military use to enhance our night vision. They have an input photocathode followed by a micro-channel plate electron. mamatsu Cx, C and C series image intensifier units consist .. Information furnished by HAMAMATSU is believed to be reliable. However, no.

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These cookies are implemented by organizations outside Hamamatsu. In order to use this website comfortably, we use cookies. Intdnsifier, since image intensifiers can be rapidly gated turned off or on in a few nanosecondsrelatively bright objects can be visualized by a reduction in the “on” time. Home Products Optical sensors Image sensor Image intensifier unit.

Image intensifiers (IIs)

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By using a relay lens, the C series can be easily connected to various cameras or high-speed cameras. No other parties intensofier access to these cookies. Contact us for more information. By incorporating on-chip multiplication gain, the electron multiplying CCD achieves, in an all solid-state sensor, the single-photon detection sensitivity typical of intensified or electron-bombarded CCDs at much lower cost and without compromising the quantum efficiency and resolution characteristics of the conventional CCD structure.

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Hamamatsu uses cookies in order to enhance your experience on our website and ensure that our website functions. Substantial voltages are present across the small gaps between the photocathode, the phosphorescent output screen, and the MCP, which require careful construction of the devices to ensure they are free from contamination and can maintain high internal vacuums.


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