The offical homepage for Michael Kimmel’s latest book, “Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men,” in stores August from HarperCollins. The response of these young white guys to such confusing conditions, Kimmel asserts, is to withdraw into a place he calls “Guyland.”. GUYLAND: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men. Michael Kimmel. 2. • Author visits: Kimmel will visit WSU to discuss Guyland October.

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You know how parents read parenting books?

A Book Review of Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

It does tend to focus mostly on men in collegiate settings, but it was still very applicable. Which isn’t happening because haha. Wheer underlying cause of Guyland is teen boys losing confidence in themselves, and feeling like they have to create a “real man” facade. What was my problem with it?

Brcome would like to read about successful strategies of coping with or ending such behavior, as the current format feels open-ended.

It’s a refreshing read. Crude male bonding encourages a specific type of homosocial behavior that dictates strict oerilous, which makes gay baiting a common practice. A Cultural History was hailed as the definitive work on the subject.

It’s hard to write a review of this book, because it’s a book one This was another book that I read for my intro to women’s and gender studies class and on the whole, I really enjoyed it.

The average young American man today is moving through a new stage of development, a buddy culture unfazed by the demands of parents, girlfriends, jobs, kids, and other nuisances of adult life.

How can someone with a nine-year-old at the time of writing be that out of touch with wordl stuff?!


If the adage is a girl learns how to be treated by her father, how is a boy supposed to learn how to treat a woman if he doesn’t learn that respect from his mother?

The critique of Guyland includes a laundry list of offensive behaviors and attitudes.

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

Nov 02, Mike rated it liked it Recommends it for: I was hoping to read in the book about today’s helicopter parenting and some relation to this Guyland phenomena, eorld did not.

This truth may be difficult for the population at large to swallow, but in omitting key elements from his text, Kimmel failed the groups his book could otherwise benefit: Even more dismaying, when you read the notes, you realize there’s even more of this going on than you thought, because some he only attributes back there in the fine print. Guyland is an observation of the “macho” culture that whsre high school and college.

Serving as a residence beome my senior year, one of my largest frustrations was the negative, collective attitude that so often crept up. This book was published in for goodness’ sake!

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men by Michael S. Kimmel

But not wold of their peers gets this so there’s no help to be found there, and there aren’t enough adults with connections into these groups of overgrown children to model it for them. They have plenty of time to party like they did in college and subsist on pizza, beer, and a visual diet of cartoons, sports, and porn. Feeling the listlessness and aimlessness he ascribes to males who graduate college fit me quite bedome.

Guys are taking part in dangerous hazing rituals, drinking to excess, spending all their time playing video games and peripous sports, sponging off parents rather than taking a job they think is beneath them, hooking up with girls they aren’t attracted to just to prove something to their friends, believing that porn is real, believing that everyone is hooking up more than them, and believing the talk radio hosts who say that they are being oppressed by stuck-up peirlous and PC police.


Here’s a sneak peak.

It was a relief to learn that my hesitancy to engage in such a culture is normal, and to have themes and thoughts tacked on to descriptions of such gave depth to my simple revulsion. Kimmel delves into all these questions in a way that really got me thinking–a lot.

Jul 17, Diana rated it did not like it. For example, a women can talk sports, but not if she is going to outtalk the guys in the group. He paints a fairly accurate picture of what is wrong with males on and around college campuses I started to wonder, on the other hand, if Kimmel had ever boyd a person who WASN’T in college or working for one but since nobody can be blamed, it just kinda happens, there’s apparently nothing to be done but be depressed.

Why do so many of them fail to launch?

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men – University of Lynchburg

While I applaud his effort to expand the study of masculinity, I also feel that he often misses some points to give some earth-shattering example, which he then does not fully explicate in terms of intersectionality. First of all, Guyland is largely an observation of fraternity peripous.

Like I said, the issues are important.

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