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Or simply take a Yushiva’s belt. Slayer is also the best PVP class due to his giant hp. Last edited by JaimeLannister ; Take up to three of them depending on your belt slots and how good your gear is. Munad90 Nuovo utente 22 Gennaio Take a ranged DD if you struggle to sustain your attack speed plateau and the Death Tyrant Unity isn’t enough.

Sand Lord Kynish 7x: Create your avatar, decorate your rappflz, chat and make new friends. Ultima modifica da un moderatore: Dream of Mirror history – Gametribe:.

Dofus va benissimo anche per chi non ha esperienza con questo genere di giochi. Once r7 is hit, farming regular mobs becomes ridiculously rapelz, but of course not the fashionable recent mobs from VI and Cubric, where you need to be ranged. Cru’en’tus Fantasy play online game 50 cent at playcruentus. In tutto il sito Discussioni In questo forum In questa discussione.

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If you struggle with rappelx attack speed plateau or need some extra health you might want to take a Bear Skin belt.

Stop con il consumo di dati al scaricare contenuti innecessari. Knowledge of Rappeelz Hector 3x: Kiscia the Beautiful 7x: This Guide focuses mainly on the sword build since swords are superior once you have decent gear. If you have troubles hitting your enemy take one or two depending on how much accuracy you need StrengthAccuracyCrit.

Slayer Guide – Forums

Spore Il tuo universo chiavi in mano. If you struggle to survive and don’t want to solely rely on dodging every incoming attack. Pubblicato da FedericoLauria 24 Ottobre Commenti: Knowledge of Grandmaster Hector 3x: E se la presenza di giocatori esperti ti spaventa, non ti preoccupare.

Mystic Koala for max. Login or Sign Up Log in with. Superposter 26 Gennaio Becoming a non-plus ultra Slayer is very expensive though, because it is a very popular class and good Phase Blades Equipment etc. Because Slayers possess no offensive skills, and lack in defense. Opinioni utenti su Dofus. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Devi accedere o registrarti per rispondere qui. Ad essere sincero non mi piace!!! Cerca In tutto il sito Discussioni In questo forum In questa discussione.



Atk by Shadowfrged Plating. If you struggle to sustain your attack speed plateau you might want to take up to two depending on how much attack speed you need Strength, Attack Speed, Crit.

Slayer is the best single target class in the game.