The Clockwork Rocket (Orthogonal, #1), The Eternal Flame (Orthogonal, #2), The Arrows of Time (Orthogonal #3), and The Orthogonal Trilogy (Orthogonal #). The Orthogonal Universe gets its name from the trilogy set in it. It’s a universe with a consequences). It’s extensively documented on Greg Egan’s homepage. More details at · share| improve this answer. answered Jul 17 ’16 at Greg Egan.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Later on, observational and experimental data come to orthogonap rescue, though I couldn’t quite suspend disbelief as to how much of the pretty arbitrary and at one point arguably fallacious unphysical speculation ended up being confirmed.

Now, I’m all for commentary on human society, but again, after all that physics, I can’t give Egan a pass on lousy biology. As Yalda learns about the physics of her world, we learn alongside her.

While readers used to hard SF who enjoy the intellectual challenge may enjoy this, it is not for everyone. In Yalda’s universe, light has no universal speed and its creation generates energy.

As for the biology of the inhabitants, we learn a fair amount about the sentient species that our protagonist belongs to, but ortyogonal about the other creatures. I can respect a hard SF story that puts a female scientist in jeopardy and doesn’t have her rely on an alpha male to save her. And I admit that I shed a tear at the ending. He stepped away from her, visibly revolted.

We make a rocket powerful enough to leave the world behind Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So there is discovery, drama, even the stirrings of social change, while in the second part of the book the pace accelerates and the book becomes a true sf classic of people learning to cope with new, challenging and unforeseen circumstances, while Yalda’s saga continues towards its clear conclusion. But the reader does get a clear orthognoal of how a few keen minds uncovered the laws that govern their universe.

See the video here for more details. I knew from previous Egans that if he postulates some rules for his universe, they may be outrageous but it won’t be because he hasn’t thought them through.


Orthogonal, by Greg Egan: a review

And yet, woven among the charts and brain-busting explanations there really is a plot with some reasonably gref characters. They are practically amorphous and plant like in nature in that they can sprout arms, hands, and other appendages at will. This gets to the story’s main weakness: The people in this universe eban “not us” and in some ways are very strange due to their biology – “being able to fly is like being able to know your mother” is one of the simple proverbs that appear in the book – but they are also “us” in the ways that matter.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy an intellectual challenge, but I felt the balance was tipped to heavily towards it. The main exposition, listed here, requires only high school mathematics: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Grreg. The universe he’s created seems to exist at a smaller scale than our own, an I’ve been following Egan’s work since Axiomatic and the early novels, and I have to say I really like the direction he’s going.

Why does the world require saving? Yes the title is apt: Half the fun of Egan is working out what underlying physics model is responsible for half orthogobal odd things you see in the beginning of the book, but once the protagonist becomes a physicist and starts laboriously explaining it, it becomes fairly obvious that you’re reading an arXiv paper.

Jul 09, Ben rated it really liked it. But you can’t have a space with the topology of a 4-torus that is positively curved everywhere.

The silly cover has nothing to do with the book. You should read it Michael and tell me what you think.

The author expects you to do some work to eggan along and I know that that is not for everyone. I’ve been following Egan’s work since Axiomatic and the early novels, and I have to say I really like the direction he’s going. Orthogonalthe yet incomplete—rather incompletely published—trilogy under review, is not an exception. A crash with an orthongonal star. Because she lacks a mate, Yalda is under particular pressure by the establishment of her society.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Shapeshifter for good reasons explained at the author’s site orthogobal how molecules look like in the universe he describes generally see before six limbed aliens symmetric in 3D in their “normal” form – so they have eyes both bac This is the perfect sf novel and a clear example why sf is still my favorite genre; besides the strong sfnal content though it is very well written and flows on the page and it has in Yalda one of the best characters in recent memories, with a good supporting cast too.


Orthogonal Series by Greg Egan

He’s had no other activity since. Jan 13, Alexandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: They are a thing of beauty. The rocket contains a grey mission which purpose is to research the meteors and ways to stop them, and come back to the world before it is too late.

Most obviously, it’s about fantasy physics. It simply caused me too much pain to get through. It’s very inventive though, and it’s fun to learn alternate-universe physics along with the characters in the book. When Yalda was almost three years old, she was entrusted with the task of bearing her grandfather into the forest orthognoal convalesce.

Dec 18, Orthovonal Sherrod rated it it was amazing Shelves: Carlo began drawing the flesh in at his shoulder.

I wish I could have met [my mother]. So what is Orthogonal about? Best book I’ve read this year so far!

The Clockwork Rocket (Orthogonal, #1) by Greg Egan

Not having read other books by this author it definitely makes me want to pick up something else he’s written, maybe with less homework involved: Orthogonal is the story of Yalda and her descendants, trying to survive the perils of their long mission and carve out meaningful lives for themselves, while the threat of annihilation hangs over the gean they left behind.

He is a Hugo Orthogonak winner and has been shortlisted for the Hugos three other timesan Greg Egan specialises in hard science fiction stories with mathematical and quantum ontology themes, including the nature of consciousness. The Clockwork Rocket is not unique in this issue: Lists with This Book.

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