GFI Archiver’s MailInsights is an email archive reporting tool that can help you. Award winning Email archiving software for mail servers that reduces reliance. Learn about what’s new in GFI Archiver, the server archiving software for.

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June 12, GFI Archiver We receive enough unwanted mail. Often, email messages are the only record you have of important transactions. Users can retrieve files in their older state or also resolve conflicts in case a file is changed by two or more users simultaneously.

The Job Search Report is a useful tool to gauge the mood of your workforce. Inactive email accounts pose a security threat to your system because each one offers an unnecessary entry point into your network. This includes emails, attachments, files, calendar entries, faxes, and SMS text and voice messages sent via email. GFI Archiver enables companies to manage their business communications efficiently, helping them save on storage costs and improve productivity while assisting with compliance.

If this is not possible, and Outlook is used in the organization, then companies can still use the File Archiving Assistant to archive directly from Outlook.

Spot suspicious trends as they happen. Users are also able to define a folder structure when manually archiving their emails to facilitate searches. GFI Mxilarchiver is a subscription service product. Store and keep track of important meeting information and calendar entries in the archive. Intel Pentium or compatible – 2GHz 32 gffi processor. For more information refer to Archive Assistant. What is everyone talking about? Furthermore, with MailInsights reports you can identify and resolve potential business issues such as security breaches, legal risks and productivity issues by extracting key data from your email archive.


You can tell a lot about a user and their habits by the words used in their emails, which is why mailarchiber Inappropriate Words Report in MailInsights will help you track and manage offenders. June 27, This new version of GFI Archiver is a maintenance release that includes several bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Exchange is not supported. Concerned about people sharing sensitive personal and company mailxrchiver via email? In addition to these methods of archiving, GFI Archiver provides also the following options:.

View availalble archive stores. Businesses can choose to use journaling functionality to archive all email-generated communications. Businesses Network administrators US educational institutions. Protect sensitive company data. Identify legal mailarchievr and manage productivity with reports that draw from the business-critical information in your archive.

Extract Business Intelligence from your Email Archive with MailInsights | GFI Archiver

License keys for GFI Archiver Its File Archiving Assistant FAA enables you to share files between users and store them centrally and safely without relying on online storage providers.

They are committed to the sustainable management of their environment while promoting the region’s economic, social and cultural well-being. Losing or deleting an important email, file or attachment can be a nightmare, especially when you are away from the office. This new version of GFI Archiver is a maintenance release that includes several bug fixes and improvements.

Stores emails centrally and securely tamper-free for compliance, eDiscovery and internal investigations. Download a sample report. Email — and much more.


GFI Archiver

In User Traffic Report when having large volume of users. All Emails – Select this option to archive all items downloaded from the journaling mailbox.

This information can help management identify which users are most productive and show you communication networks as they build within the company. Slow download for journal due to Calendar events parsing errors Custom date issue in Homepage for mailflow chart License Key: Also very simple for employees to use from their desktops and on the move.

The Data Leakage Majlarchiver Report helps gri identify emails containing sensitive information, including social security numbers, credit cards and other sensitive information that could put you at legal bfi financial risk.

Others may be losing opportunities or damaging your hard-earned reputation by not responding to emails in a timely manner. GFI Archiver Version upgrade. Inboxes which are not being used also account for a significant amount of storage space that can be allocated to active users.

Who is sending and receiving the most email? If an Archive Store does not exist for the period that matches the date of the item, a new Archive Store is automatically created.

GFI Archiver automatically indexes every message, attachment and file before it is saved. January 24, GFI Archiver Quantity must be 50 or greater. In addition to these methods of archiving, GFI Archiver provides also the following options:

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