Friedrich Nietzsche GENEALOGIA MORALEI. 3 likes. Book. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche este cel mai important filosof al secolului al XIX-lea Genealogia moralei, traducere din germană de Darie Lăzărescu, preambul de . Chapter 1: Nietzsche’s Reception History in the 19th and 20th Centuries Culture Nietzsche, Friedrich: Știința voioasă, Genealogia moralei, Amurgul idolilor.

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I am confused – I know how revolutionary this work has been in the Western philosophical tradition.

I realise his importance and that a lot of people hold this in high regard and I’m sure if I read better and had more grounding in his other texts I’d get more out of it.

We have never sought ourselves – how could it happen that we should ever find ourselves? Therefore, science cannot replace the ascetic ideal.

They think themselves better than the powerful, “the masters of the earth”, that they are “not only better, but also have it better” or “will have it better one day”.

This brings Nietzsche dangerously close to dreaded methodical argument—an awkwardness he tries to counteract by maintaining his gnomic and forceful style.

No trivia or quizzes yet. As such, he sees our present morality as harmful to the future health and prosperity of our species. And in that noble morality posits that to be rich and strong is good and to be poor and weak is bad.

Genealogia moralei by Friedrich Nietzsche (2 star ratings)

He This little number packs a wallop. Read for a university course. Despite early human’s cruelty, life was more cheerful than it is now. Reiterates that “even in great punishment there is so much that is festive!


Genealogia moralei by Friedrich Nietzsche (4 star ratings)

However, Nietzsche argues, these things have had different meanings at different times. However, I think his analysis between debtor and creditor is very interesting, and his perspectival epistemology rings true. Smith is quick to note that Nietzsche was not anti-Semitic, because he found them to be full of ressentiment – which negates “active and spontaneous affirmations of values on the part of the nobility” i.

Do I find his philosophy thought-provoking, making me look at the world in an entirely different light? Si sunt cumva iscoditi noi idoli? Refresh and try again.

Probabil ca tocmai prin demascarea chipului prezent al moralei se poate ajunge la reconfigurarea ei. Li Nietzsche is coffee for the soul Nietzsche traces the lines of descent throughout human history to paint a clearer picture of ourselves and in a fuller light. Rebecca Nietzsch I’d say yes, if not more so.

Nietzsche seems to favor the strong over the weak, the active over the passive, the brave fighter over the pacifist. Or, Nietzsche slaveste viata si elogiaza forta celui care si-o poate asuma, care intelege s-o implineasca, iar nu s-o nege.


Stiinta voioasa / Genealogia moralei / Amurgul Idolilor

Mkralei it was just the first two or with a much edited third I’d probably consider it a 3 star thing. I can understand that desiring the state of not desiring is a desire in itself, but why man will desire oblivion makes no sense to me. Or if the ubermensch arrives? Morality is generally treated as sacred because we assume that there is some transcendental ground for our morals, be it God, miralei, tradition, or something else.


Genealogia moralei

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Well, OK, this book has more clarity than his other books, but that doesn’t mean this book is clear by most genealogiq. In the event of non-payment, the creditor humiliates and tortures the debtor. I really liked it. To help others less fortunate was a “good” thing and soon the jocks felt guilty and inadequate if they didn’t help out those who were lesser than. Nietzsche says guilt and debt are tied together, and inflicting pain occasions the greatest pleasures for humanity particularly early humanity was ,oralei cruel than we like to admit.

Revenge, justice, it doesn’t matter to me personally – just as long as so called “master morality” is erased. He is worth being read though, lest my comments should suggest otherwise, but keep in mind genealgoia some of his ideas should certainly be taken with a grain of salt. Definitely worth the read – despite Nietzsche’s sass I am absolutely sure my reading of the text was poor and I realise my review is gonna sound ignorant.

The second essay is by far the best and most complex, even if it is anthropology and cultural psychology more than philosophy – actually the same is true of the first essay too.