Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Wettkämpfe auf Burg Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp, von Schreckenstein; Ritterturnier auf Schreckenstein; Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein. Title, Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein Volume 27 of Hassencamp, Oliver: Burg Schreckenstein. Author, Oliver Hassencamp. Publisher, BERTELSMANN,

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When James Halliday, the creator of OASIS, dies, it’s the start of a great hunt for the easter egg he hid somewhere in this virtual world. It avoids most of the things that kept me from liking Magyk. He still manages to create believable, yet often slightly bizarre characters in just a few sentences and the book definitely has the mix of light comedy and melancholy that I enjoyed so much in Liegen Lernen and Pokorny Lacht.

The ending is also just a bit too neat and the book went in a different direction than I feel I was lead to expect. Getting through the ninth book took a lot longer than the previous ones, so I’ll take a break from this series.

Purgatory by John Jackson Miller Perhaps not great gsflster but a very entertaining novel. It reminded me a bit of old text adventure games You wake up in a strange room. It also made me realise that I budg read Kipling’s Jungle Booksomething I’m definitely going to change. Dec 27, Also, I recently came across two boxes of books from my childhood in the attic and couldn’t resist revisiting some of them.

Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie After the main characters finally met at the end of the first book they are separated again, with one of geflsteg involved in a siege and two others going on a “quest” to retrieve Petty Pewter Gods by Glen Cook This story will hopefully change that.


The only story in the book where I felt that I actually learned something new: The main character is a fifteen year old sociopath who fears that he may become a serial killer. I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t fazed by graphic descriptions of torture, cannibalism, poisoning Epic by Conor Kostick I came across this book because someone was searching for it on the scgreckenstein that Book” group and it sounded very interesting.

Dreißig Jahre danach oder Wiedersehen mit der Wackeren Neuen Welt – PDF Free Download

Definitely funny and entertaining as hell! Also, it seems that there is quite a lot going on at the time when Kvothe tells his story there is quite a big cliffhanger. He shows the major changes in tactics by focussing on the several great teams and innovative managers, explaining how they changed the game, with a lot of great anecdotes thrown in. I don’t know why I love these books so much, perhaps it stems from the setting – a boarding school in a old castle, where the students have a lot of freedom, play pranks on other schools and each other, solve a few crimes etc.

Old Tin Sorrows An old army colleague of Garrett approaches him to get him to investigate who is responsible for the illness of his current employer, a former general.

It’s basically just estate against going about their usual business, however their clients are vampires, sorcerers, zombies etc. The Magicians by Lev Grossman I read this book when it came out about two years ago, but decided to revisit it before I read the sequel see below.


However, I still enjoyed them. For example, there are one or two info dumps about serial killers which feel more like a lecture the main character gives to the reader, than his actual thoughts. Don’t let the almost comically bad cover art fool you seriously, the first cover has gnomes with machine pistols Snuff by Terry Pratchett After the last few Discworld books Making Money and Unseen Academicals especially I was a bit worried that Pratchett’s writing ability was suffering from his illness, but this is probably one of my favorite Discworld novels yet.

Dreißig Jahre danach oder Wiedersehen mit der Wackeren Neuen Welt

Great read, but it really should come with a poster schreckrnstein of the map of Fiction Island. They are clearly portrayed as evil, but their motivation is never really clear. Sweet Silver Blues It differs from the other books, in that it isn’t set in the city of TunFaire, but in the wartorn Cantard.

Wraith Squadron by Aaron Allston A Tale of the Kin by Douglas Hulick This book is set in a rather standard fantasy world, but with a few interesting twists and populated by several great characters. Needless to schreckensten, it’s geflstet little more complicated than it seems. The book mainly covers the period in his life when he was struggling to move on from being the teenage star of Star Trek, being rejected at audition after audition, trying to support his wife and stepchildren.