5 things Atul Gawande learned on his return to McAllen, TX and “ The Cost Conundrum: Redux,” surgeon and author Atul Gawande provides. Atul Gawande has recently become CEO of a health care joint venture founded by Amazon, BerkshireHathaway and JPMorgan Chase. The surgeon, public. Understanding the Cost Conundrum a model of better, cheaper health care in Atul Gawande’s widely read “Cost Conundrum” article in

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One thing for sure: He placed his trust in advisors who subscribed to the double standard and who told him the managed care fads contained in the ACA would cut costs. The New YorkerFeb 12, Gawande said insurers, both public and private, gawamde proven they can’t manage the full complexity of medical care and instead suggests turning to local medical communities.

But there is something horribly cknundrum in having the government run it. The New York TimesMay 5, The New YorkerJul 7, In the 20th century over million people were killed by such socialistic ideologues outside of the deaths caused by war.

The New YorkerFeb 8, The New CoundrumDec 14, The New YorkerSep 14, He saw it, rather, as the great arbiter of high- and low-cost regions and hospitals.

That research would show that McAllen was nowhere near as expensive as Gawande said it was, and that the Mayo Clinic and Grand Junction were very expensive. The New York TimesMay 19, Commencement AddressJun 11, The New YorkerDec 18, The New YorkerNov 21, Everyone who meets qualifications gets a subsidy, even the young.

Do you think, Allan, that several big Kaiser-like firms could be the picture of the xonundrum landscape in healthcare? One Dartmouth study he cited found high-cost areas were less likely to provide low-cost preventative services to patients, with Gawande observing: They are aided by many Democrats and Republicans that know very little except how to keep their jobs and increase their bank accounts.


The Conudrum YorkerMar 19, For insurers, offer reasonable taxpayer funded reinsurance to protect insurers against very high claims like we currently do with Medicare Part D drug coverage for seniors. We really need competition too, all the way down from the plans and insurers to the docs—with procedures—and administrators and pharmacy benefit managers….

Atul Gawande, ACOs, and the Myth of the Mayo Clinic’s Low Costs

They believe the default variable to explain the unexplainable is to blame the doctor. In this environment insurers would have run efficiently or lose market share. It will be our future.

How does Gawande get away with promoting the Mayo myth, and when the myth is destroyed, failing to issue a retraction? A simple way cist address this is to allow cross state line insurer competition and allow small businesses to form associations to shop for coundrum care insurance nationally. The New York TimesMay 24, View the discussion thread.

The reason the exchanges are seeing these increases is weak enforcement of the young and heathy to buy insurance and that the exchange plans are their own group. She reports that John Wennberg, the father of regional-variation research, visited five doctors in Morrisville, Vermont in the mids to show them data indicating they were doing tonsillectomies at a rate substantially above the Vermont average.

4 Insights from Atul Gawande’s Influential ‘Cost Conundrum’ Article | HealthLeaders Media

Out litigation culture would not be any different under a single payer system so there would still be loads of defensive medicine disguised euphemistically as the standard of care.


The New YorkerDec 10, The New YorkerMar 6, I tried this one. The McAllen and Morrisville anecdotes illustrate how the appropriate use of crude regional-variation data sharing it with doctors, as opposed to inflicting suffocating P4P schemes like MACRA on all doctors can lead to good outcomes.

The elitist left is intellectually dishonest and they are never made to pay for their mistakes or their lack of honesty. Preventing your heart attack has nothing to do with the common good. There is a double standard at work within the US health policy establishment. Peter, that is easy to fix: Where do you get those assumptions?

The bureaucracy of the insurers is the same Byzantine tangled mess as the bureaucracy of the government, but I fear the government much more, and it lets favorites off the hook as in big Pharma and unions.

Articles | Atul Gawande

Dictated prices would cause other problems including probable rationing of services. Good piece — I particularly like that you called Gawande out not for correcting himself, when he could have. Following all these progressive ideas for 40 tears has been like taking a drunken walk.

SlateAug 14, You must be logged in to post a comment. The New YorkerJan 26, Get the latest on healthcare leadership in your inbox. SlateOct 23,