Madhav Gadgil, Submitted to ‘The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Report of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, Part I. New Delhi. Gadgil, who headed the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, said that the recommendations of the Kasturirangan committee contains. The Parambikulam forest in Kerala is a part of the Western Ghats. dotcompals/ Flickr, CC BY The Gadgil panel report. Many parts of.

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Retrieved from ” https: This post is ghatd than most of our previous articles but read till the end to get your basics right. A crucial report on Western Ghats prepared by K. The report met with resistance from the governments of all six stakeholder states.

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Kerala floods is man-made calamity: Madhav Gadgil

In particular, Gadgil pointed to the increasing stone quarrying activity in Kerala, along with largescale construction. One boy had died in that incident. Commitee said a major difference was that Kasturirangan panel made an ‘unconstitutional statement’ gaddgil his report, saying “that the local community in the hills cannot have any say in economic decision making. Due to these confusions between these two reports provided here are really suffered by people like me who stays in these said ESA.

It hosts a variety of endemic species of flora and fauna.

Archived commitgee the original on Dr Kasturirangan is an old respected friend. Express Explained Kerala floods. None of the six concerned states agreed with the recommendations of the Gadgil Committee, which submitted its report in August its official public release was cancelled.


In ESZ-3, new mines could come up. The Kasturirangan report only more or less talks about government controlled forests and how to protect those. That is a reduction of 17, sq km in the top priority segment. And remember that protests often are not due gagil love towards the environment, but often because of fear of eviction or loss of livelihood.

Madhav Gadgil flays Kasturirangan Committee report on Western Ghats- The New Indian Express

Also, there are comments on a lighter note. Finally it was put in public domain and also disseminated to all stakeholders including the six Western Ghats states including Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu for feedback and comments.

Are the Meghalaya miners victims of India’s regional bias? Even in the Uttarakhand disaster, uncontrolled construction, eeport hydropower plants and deforestation were assessed to have aided the scale of destruction.

Gadgil and Kasturi should consider these facts.

Kerala floods: The prescriptions for the Western Ghats

This was the immediate provocation for the agitation. What Gadgil seems to be arguing for is the need to learn lessons from past tragedies, and increase the resilience of disaster-struck areas through sustainable and long-term development that would involve minimal intervention in natural processes.

People got really worried. There are unjustified human interventions in natural processes which need to be stopped. westernn

And wherever there is water, it is highly polluted. Conservation Crisis Efficiency Footprint Reclaimed. It was a great scientific violation”, he said. The area is an important biological landscape. He said that Kasturirangan, who headed the member high high-level working group, constituted to examine the WGEEP report, had not shown ‘scientific courtesy’ to ask him about what was done by WGEEP before commencing his panel’s work on its recommendations. People asked for a copy, but the ministry said it could not be given.


In one of the demonstrations, in Kozhikode district, I think, the stone quarrying mafia organised stone pelting against the demonstrators. It was only this part that the committee said needed to be classified as ecologically sensitive area ESA.

Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Rescue workers after a landslide in Palakkad last week. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines. This statement has again brought the debate — development vs environment — back into the mainstream. It is the home of many endangered plants and animals.

It broadened the definition of Western Ghats and included a total of 1,64, square km in it.

Kerala floods: The prescriptions for the Western Ghats | Explained News, The Indian Express

In some areas, the committee recommended strong restrictions on mining and quarrying, use of land for non forest purposes, construction of high rises etc. The Gadgil report had pointed out that many reservoirs in the Western Ghats states, especially those in the steep valleys, were silting up prematurely due to massive encroachment and deforestation of catchment areas. Since it is type of slow death, nobody will realise it. Retrieved 1 November He knows me for last 30 years.

Red alert for 13 districts, PM Modi to visit flood-affected areas. The reports were neither available in the public domain nor the opinion of states was asked. People have better living right than animals. Population density of certain states are high.