FM 3-22.65 PDF

FM 3-22.65 PDF

FM (FM ). BROWNING MACHINE GUN,. CALIBER HB, M2. MARCH HEADQUARTERS. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. DISTRIBUTION. M Cal FM study guide by pythonregius24 includes 14 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help. Start studying M CAL FM Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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MK 19, mm grenade machine gun, MOD 3. When the feet of the friendly troops reach this point, fire must be lifted or shifted.

For incendiary effect, especially against aircraft. Adjusts gunner, alerts WSL 3-2265 the gunner has shifted. Cover and concealment may not provide the gunner a view of some or all of the target area. Most rounds will not fall over the target, and any that fall short will create ricochets into the target Figure A The nature of the terrain, desire to achieve some standoff, and the other factors of METT-TC prompt the leader to the correct tactical positioning of the base-of-fire element. If the leader expects a halt to exceed a brief period, he carefully chooses machine gun positions to avoid unduly tiring the machine gun crew.

Training these methods of applying fire can be accomplished only after the weapons squad leader and the gunners have learned how to recognize the different types of targets they may find in combat.

Must quickly learn everything he can, exert maximum effort at all times, and attempt to outdo his gun team members in every situation. Primary responsibility is to the gun.


Leaders and gunners should always strive to position f guns to the extent possible that they can engage enemy targets with enfilade fire Figures A-9 and A The effectiveness of the enemy on the objective will play a large role in how much risk should be taken with respect to the lifting or shifting of fires. Engages or makes further adjustments.

For example, if one gunner detects a target and engages it, the other gunner observes the area fired upon and adds his fire only if he can identify the target or if ordered to fire.


Responsible for all training and employment of the machine guns. It is important that gunners and leaders understand the technical aspects of the different ammunition available to ensure the machine guns 3-2.65 automatic weapons are employed in accordance with their capabilities. Adjustments in direction and elevation with 3-2265 machine gun are always given in meters; one finger is used to indicate 1 meter and so on. A principal direction of fire PDF is assigned to a gunner to cover an area that has good fields of fire or has a likely dismounted avenue of approach.

This element prepares the gunners for further instructions. This is the most desirable class of fire with respect to the target because it dm maximum use of the beaten zone. The machine gun provides the necessary range and volume of fire to cover the squad front in the defense.

The rate of fire is omitted from the fire command. Tracer ammunition is a quick and sure method of designating a target that is not clearly visible. Machine guns and automatic weapons use several different types of standard military ammunition.


FM 3-22.65

It should therefore only be used in 3–22.65 situations when M ball is not available. Gunners and leaders must consider the complexity of laying on the target. Places the stock of the machine gun in the nest of the stake or crotch and adjusts the weapon to hit the selected targets and to define his sector limits.

While firing, the gunners periodically check with fj leader for instructions. Repeats command, searches objective for targets of opportunity within sector.

All of these positions should be chosen by the leader to ensure his sector is covered and that the machine guns are protected on their flanks. Automatic riflemen use assault fire when in close combat. Repeats command, searches objective for targets of opportunity in sector.

Distributed fire is delivered in width and depth such as at an enemy formation. The gunners return enemy fire without order, concentrating on enemy automatic weapons.

FM – Appendix A – Machine Gun Employment « Infantry Drills

Abbreviated Fire Commands A The amount of elevation change depends upon the range and slope of the ground. Sustained fire conserves ammunition and requires only infrequent barrel changes, but it might not be enough volume of fire to effectively suppress or destroy.

It is good for all visibility f, and is best suited for flat, level terrain. The MB also provides a high volume of short-range fire in self defense against aircraft.