: Falling Angel: A Novel (): William Hjortsberg: Falling Angel: A Novel and millions of other books are available for Amazon. In , Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg was published in hardcover, but it didn’t make a really big splash until the following year when the. To show you what I mean, let’s turn today’s spotlight on William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel. The inspiration for Alan Parker’s film Angel Heart.

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Not many books have that powerful effect.

Just when you think you know what’s going to happen or what just happenedthe story slips away from your grasp. And Angel’s been hired by someone to find a missing singer who’s been in said hospital but has disappeared.

Email required Address never made hjoftsberg. The crime novels from that era deal with all kinds of conspiracies and chicanery, but everything is fully grounded in reality.

William Hjortsberg ‘Falling Angel’ Review

William Hjortsberg was an acclaimed author of novels and screenplays. This article is about the William Hjortsberg novel. That is to say that this is not a bad book at all, just one that wasn’t in my wheelhouse. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They angeo be out of print but they’re easily obtained.

Thanks Jeff- just what I was in the mood for. The New York Times.


Falling Angel – Wikipedia

It seems that Favorite was a practitioner of the dark arts and supposedly conjured up the devil during a Black Mass. I knew the ending of the book already thanks to its film presence, but up until a certain point the script hjortdberg the page.

The Hundred Best Books. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Plus, Hjortsberg wrote the script for “Legend”. Inprivate investigator Harry Angel is hired to locate him on behalf hjorteberg a mysterious client who calls himself Louis Cyphre.

But he soon finds that this is no normal missing hjortsbdrg case. I give it an extra star for the slightly-more-detailed-than-usual use of voodoo as a plot point. Coney Island, Harlem hjortsbwrg these places were written through the eyes of someone was there. He is also further complicating the case by starting to really like Epiphany and her carefree relationship with the beast with two backs.

I’m not going to claim this is a great book, but damn I loved it. But the closer I came towards the end, the more I realized that there’s something just a wee bit off kilter here and then I got the surprise of my life.

Your decaying husk is but a temporary vessel on an endless voyage.

Falling Angel is set in the 50s. Be the first to discover new talent! A Highly recommended classic in the field of horror.


In The Spotlight: William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel | Confessions of a Mystery Novelist

I think the movie is terrific. Preview — Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg. My guess is a warning to stay away from things far more powerful and sinister than you can imagine. Talk about plot twist! It does xngel a real sense of evil. You switch identities with the instinctive facility of zngel chameleon changing color. Supernatural horror set amongst the rough and tough streets of NY with a hardboiled dick as our guide into madness?

His characters are fully created and colorful in an odd mix of bright and sludgy tones. Notify me of new posts via email. Oh, and I’m not sure why Mr.


fallingg On the night of that conversation, the doctor commits suicide or does he? I haven’t been watching or reading as much as I’d like to lately, a lot of my reviews recently are from months back of writing them but not yet posting them, heh. Many of these folks soon wind up dead and mutilated, the victims of a motley Satanic group which Harry eventually comes face to face with in a subway-station black-mass orgy.