Bmw F30 d Retrofit: PPK performance power kit, new engine ecu fitted and programmed.

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Would love to see more pics of that E Find More Posts by tdizzle. Makes you wonder whether they had really dulled the throttle in Comfort to get better fuel figures. Latest News British Columbia: Originally Posted by TodmordenLad.

Find More Posts by krnnerdboy. Browse cars for sale. Furthermore, the new M PPK will also change your exhaust sound. Please keep us informed and good luck Edited by smashy on Saturday 10th October Driving at low speeds, however, it feels a bit more docile, and you seem to have to use the throttle more as there’s a bit of lag.

Originally Posted by tdizzle. I really couldn’t recommend this upgrade. Find More Posts by NeilT. So, it’s more of a Jekyll and Hyde vehicle than before, which is no bad thing. To be fair I don’t think its a dealer fitting issue, I think its more likely to be a combination of my unrealistic expectations, misleading BMW literature and the fact that my car was probably making a fair bit more than bhp originally.

In summary, a complete waste of time and money, which has now basically ruined the car for me. Suburb of Tampa FL iTrader: You’ll feel the extra power much better at high speeds instead of cruising.


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With the gear lever left and the button in sport presented is a huge pkp linear flow of torque v30 speed with each gear change nailed in at the top of the revs, it’s super quick but there aren’t many places and opportunities to drive like this too often, saved for a treat.

Is Tesla Model 3 the Safety Queen? Looks like they turned it into the E90 iS that was never born All times are GMT I hadn’t appreciated how much software updating was involved in the upgrade but it involves all modules, as well as the ECU pppk – or DDE as its known in the case of the diesel. Originally Posted by NeilT I did post some pics on another thread, but here they are Loving the car, it still amazes me how quick it feels, pppk the slightest twist of the accelerator and it seems to just waft along at silly speeds.

And the power increase? I’ve never had an oem tune and exhaust before. Any updates in this? How much was it?

The parts and service guys are friendly, professional and knowledgeable so more than happy to recommend the dealership. Page 1 of 5. Jason Administrator Rep 19, Posts Drives: However, changes are visible but not to d30 extent. I wonder what Dinan will bring once they release their tune Find More Posts by b1gandy.


BMW i M Performance Power Kit (PPK) Dynos at bhp / lb-ft

Right on with the torque but ‘overrating’ the gains of hp. It gives it the extra power it needs to become an even more challenging contestant for the arch-rival S4, and will keep you going until the much-awaited release of the new M3. I’m only managing 40mpg on my commute whereas my E90 d with no map was up at 45mpg – according to the onboard trip computers. Knowing its engineered right. This doesn’t add to the fitting cost but if you’re there waiting it sure is a waste of a day.

Same engine though right? New Jersey NJ iTrader: I have to try it anyway. Originally Posted by Wallaced I recently picked up an F30 d and pretty sure it has the PPK already fitted the sports display pppk up to hp although is there an obvious difference to the intercooler or way to check?

This, so-called PPK is supposed to give your car something around 20 extra HP and some more torque, depending on your transmission.

There has to be something wrong ,Knitware had his done and loves it,,rolling road figures bhp on someone elses car as well.

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