An accessible graphic introduction to evolution for the most science-phobic Evolution. The Story of Life on Earth. Written by Jay Hosler; Art by Kevin Cannon . Illustrated by the brilliant duo Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon and written by noted comic author and biology professor Jay Hosler, Evolution. Featuring the same amusing characters as those found in Mark Schultz’s The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA, Hosler’s.

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Hosler, Jay Jay S.

A fun, enjoyable science comic for kids, with good lessons, effective repetition and lots of fun word play. The black-and-white illustrations and lettering are easy to follow, but the Cannons seem to have only one sgory of characters.

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth – Jay Hosler – Google Books

Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannonthe illustrators of numerous graphic novels and comic books, both live in Minneapolis. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. No trivia or quizzes yet. More like this Reading Diary: It reminds of Jeff Smith’s Bone and the character design of Owly. On the heels of explaining to his planetary leader the intricacies of human genetics in The Stuff of Lifethe intrepid alien evolutiom Bloort is charged in this sequel with covering the wider story of evolution.

It proved very informative and covered a lot of information in an easily understood way; certain parts even made me laugh Inside the Human Body graphic novel series.

Evolution : the story of life on Earth

Huxley, and Richard Lenski; Bloort’s tour is as much about the history of scientific discovery as it is about evolution. I fully recognize that this is a “hot button” issue, and I don’t want to enter the debate per se. Mar 11, Sam Bronstein rated it really liked it. The Story of Life on Earth is officially listed on Amazon for pre-order. I think that’s what I’m trying to do,” he says.


Nanti aja deh baca! I will be buying this book for my own personal use and as gifts for some curious minds on my Christmas list. The information is presented clearly, but also with humor which keeps it interesting as well as memorable. Feb 25, Rachael rated it really liked it Shelves: The Ov who are unrelated, by the way keep every creature they’re called upon to depict be it cell, dinosaur, dodo, or Darwin perky but never ridiculous, and Hosler, like Mark Schultz in Stuff, balances science and humor superbly.

My 4-year old enjoyed listening to it but I’m not convinced he understood much. Max and Jack looked at it for a long time. The illustrations and the aliens make me thi short note review: Sexual reproduction is dealt with in an entirely nonexplicit fashion though the monarchs of the squinches-intelligent, asexually reproducing echinoderms-still react to the idea with an “ewwww”. My sons veolution get the reference because we watch so many Looney Tunes which are a evooution source of vital visual and auditory cultural references.

This book tells the history of genetic life on earth through the eyes of space alien observers trying to figure us humans out.

Overall a great book that I fully intend on reading with my students this year. The squinches hope this research can help them deal with the “heritable disorder” that plagues them. I think it was okay it didn’t really impress me but it was good so the book was about these aliens talking about how the earth evolve in time I recommended this book to anyone who likes to know how the earth was made and the history.


All of those I’d recommend without hesitation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Illustrated by the brilliant duo Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon, this volume is written by the noted comic author and professor of biology Eqrth Hosler. My only gripes are that a couple times early in it referred to cyanobacteria [and another kind of bacteria] as singular species Req SCPL 24 Jan http: It is humorous with inuendos that often my 9th graders miss.

Read it in a day. Its got just the right hozler of humor in the drawings to make the story fun. The later chapters picked up.

Jay Hosler has evvolution tremendous gift that my high school biology teacher lacked – he makes science interesting and entertaining. The writer taught me so much and the illustrators visualized the science perfectly.

A graphic novel using the conceit of a new museum being toured by the ruler and crown prince of Glargal [intelligent sea cucumber-like creatures on another planet] to expound on evolution.

As a result it has many of the same strengths but it also suffered from someā€¦. This book is about that how earth was created.

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

I invite readers’ comments. The following items were successfully added. I found it in the adult section but I think it would have been better for older kids or teens. In the process we are introduced to scientists and cells and everything in between. From time to time, my office receives publisher’s copies of books, uninvited and not upon my request.

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