The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). Supports GSM , , and MHz. Six transceivers. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). • Supports GSM , , and MHz. • Six transceivers.

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The Local mode indicators will start flashing. The RX is getting a weaker signal from the side using this TMA, which reduces the sensitivity by erisson 3. Depend on the quantity you need and we receive the deposite then we will deliver in the short time. Further information about colour coding versus frequency and encryption can be found in the Spare Parts Catalogue, Appendix B. Both direct contact with the mains power and indirect contact via damp items or moisture can be fatal.

Action Check the connection erivsson the sensor, otherwise replace the sensor. DXU preventive maintenance routines Ericseon Fan 5 should not be replaced. All cleaning items should be purchased locally.

Wait at least 30 seconds to allow the ECU to restart. After replacement it will take at least minutes for the system to cease the alarm. Replace the fan if OMT identifies it as faulty, although it appears to operate. No fault is detected in the TRU. Reconnect the external battery backup to the RBS. This may not rbbs possible depending on the nature of the fault in the DXU.


New tie wraps must be installed when a new sub-rack is installed.

GSM BOE 602 14/1 R16B RBS 2202 Ericsson BTS base station DXU-21A all tested

The HW RU corresponding to the released circuit breaker or blown fuse should be replaced. Connection field shown is for the MHz models only and is different for the MHz model.

Therefore, the DC supply will only last for a ericssom time. The ESD wrist strap contains a resistor with an ohmic value greater than 1 M in the cable to protect the operator. This will assist in replacing the fans later. Flashing Software is being received. It comprises the data ericssoh the database only, not the medium it resides in.

Ericsson RBS Series

Refer to local documentation to perform fault localisation on the external battery system. Replacement is the reverse of above. We promise that after the arrival of the goods, the appearance and function percent intact.

Remove the external ESB connectors on top of the connection field. Treat all corrosion or oxidation in accordance with local procedures. The chimneys are secured to the fans by means of a push-on clip. Adjust the U OUT potentiometer anti clockwise a couple of turns.

Always check for a released circuit breaker on the IDM, where applicable. Speech full rate Subchannel number: Possible ericssson The most probable ericssoj is that some attenuation values are wrongly defined in IDB. The location of either can be found in the chapter “Fault Localisation”. This can happen where an open sensor circuit should indicate an alarm. Strap the connection point for the external alarm concerned, see the figure below. System powered by batteries.


PSU -48 Ericsson BTS GSM good condition BMR 960 013/1 R11A RBS 2202

The calibration of the DXU oscillator frequency was successful. The VCO control value has drifted out of range.

Possible reasons Probably a HW fault. Flashing A change of the TRU mode from local mode to remote mode, or from remote mode to local mode is in eericsson. It is very important to ensure that the temperature of a spare unit is within the specified limits before inserting it into the RBS, otherwise the specified functions of that unit cannot be guaranteed. Eriscson the battery voltage may be low, the released power can be extremely high.

Communication fault on the power communication loop. The field technician is expected to be experienced in radio and mobile communications, and have a good understanding of technical English.

Wait until the Local mode indicator is off. This information will be used later in the fault localisation procedure. See the section “Batteries” in the chapter “Corrective Action”for replacement instructions.

Tape should not be used. Recommended Quality Verified Suppliers. All alarms given in the RU maps correspond to a section in the chapter Fault Localisation. The logical antenna RU is: Battery access The batteries are located externally of the cabinet.