“Ibalon is one of the only two epics that come from Christian Filipinos (the other one being the “Biag ni Lam-ang). The rest come from the non-Christian groups. Bantong, Handiong’s good friend, was ordered to kill the new monster in Ibalon. He took with him a thousand warriors to attack Rabot’s den. Read the following: The Three Heroes of Ibalon The epic tells the story of three Bicol heroes. Baltog, a mighty warrior of Batavara, came by chance upon the lush .

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: His “linsa”, or gabi plants, were the lbalon in the place, but were destroyed by a great Tandayag boar. Subalit may muling kinatakutan ang mga tao, isang malaki at mapaminsalang baboy-ramo na tuwing sumasapit ang gabi ay namiminsala ng mga pananim.

These monsters were soon restrained by Handyong to keep waters safe for his spic. Ang mga tao ay umunlad. In class we discussed several epics to show a Filipino interpretation of bayani. Forthwith Lf described the ancient land and spoke of its first hero, Baltoga White Aryanwho had come from Boltavara Bharata-varsha or India. He killed the spirit to stop its violence in the area.

They were hideous apes that transformed their victims into trees surprising them in a tight embrace. How many of the people that came near his lair were turned into stone by the beast? The very big jawbones of the eplc boar became an attraction for everyone. Known as Oriol, the snake was sometimes serpent sometimes woman. The epic-fragment portrays ancient Bikol as lush in jungle growth, teeming with fish and wild game, and dotted by mountain ranges, hills, and volcanoes.


With this, Tandayag fell and died. In the epic, the Dagatnong ibaloh was said to have been swept away by ibaon Great Flood. So, alone and unafraid, Handyong decided to look for Oryol in the heart of the forest. Ibalon, a Bicolano epic, was assigned for us to present.

Si Ginantong ay gumawa ng kauna-unahang bangka, ng araro, itak at iba pang kasangkapan sa bahay. Panic filled everyone except one man – the favored suitor of the maiden. But using his wisdom against Rabot, he iballon not attack the giant right away.

It may also refer to a priest dressed like a woman. He may not fight monsters or have supernatural strength, but he still has his strong will to back him up. To the mountain Kulasi, he exiled the “sarimaw”, and buried in Hantik all the serpents whose voices rang like sirens.

A baranggay called Kimantong is found in Daraga, Albay.

And he guessed right: So Ibalong was at peace once more. But Oryol escaped every one of it and disappeared. The Ibalong festival features the various characters from the epic while celebrating through song and dance.

Though the Tandayag had very long fangs, he was able to pin down the epi, wild boar and break apart its very big jawbones.

Ibalong Epic

They freely roamed the mountains in the early days. Nagpanibagong buhay ang mga tao ngayon ay sa pamumuno ni Bantong.

Bantong also learned that Rabot loved to sleep during the day and stayed awake at night. The part of the water in which the spirit fell transformed into land. You are commenting using your WordPress. Thus, came the tribes of Panikwason and Asog to marvel it. The volcanoes of Hantik, Kulasi and Isarog erupted.


Among other pursuits is the cultivation of upland and lowland crops, the construction of dwellings on tall trees, the creation of the first boat in the e;ic, the making of utensils, tools, and wares, but most importantly, the invention of writing.

Then, appeared the giant Rabot, half-man and half-beast, with awesome and terrifying powers. Ito ay si Oriol. Then he hung it on a talisay tree in front of his house. Ibalon ang matandang pangalan ng Bikol. Retrieved 9 February Nabalitaan ito ni Bantong at inihandog niya elic sarili kay Handiong upang siyang pumatay kay Rabut.

The Dagatnon tribe, from which had come the Dumagats from Cotmon, was wiped out as the gulf of Calabagnan overflowed. This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat Sural carved a Bikol syllabary out of a stone from Libong, and polished to shine by Gapon.

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Ibalon: A Bicolano Epic – Summer Chronicles

I-post ang Mga Komento Atom. It was put afterward into Spanish by Melendreras in Ibal, a age manuscript in verse on the ancient customs of the Indios of Albay. He planted a linsa patch in Tondol now in Kamalig which, one night, was foraged by a giant wild boar Tandayag.

And using ot spears and arrows, they killed all the crocodiles which were as big as boats. Among them are supernatural creatures. Curiously, Handyong was saddened by Rabot’s death. Rivers changed their if and the seas waves rolled high.

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