Enterprise Integration Patterns. Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Woolf. Computers & Internet. Enterprise Integration Patterns provides an invaluable catalog of. Enterprise Integration Patterns. Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions. by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. While I was working on P of EAA, . Enterprise Integration Patterns has ratings and 40 reviews. Ash said: I started reading this Gregor Hohpe,. Bobby Woolf. · Rating details · 1,

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Enterprise Integration Patterns

As much of computing has evolved—first to pstterns architecture SOA and more recently to cloud, mobile, the IoT, microservices, and the API economy—integrating the parts has become as important an aspect of application design and development as automating business logic.

Describing error-handling strategies requires a broader vocabulary that includes state, 10 which would have expanded the scope of the book significantly.

It made the book much stronger and well rounded. Content Enricher How do we communicate with another system if the message originator does integrayion have all the required data items available? It works up from fundamental primitives like Message, Message Endpoint and Message Channel, to fairly detailed, complex examples, like component failover controlled and monitored with messaging from a central management console. Content Based Router How do we handle a situation where the implementation of a single logical function e.

Some of the patterns built on other patterns grsgor were permutations of other patterns in the book, which got me wondering whether a solid understanding of the underlying principles in owolf Gang of Four book is the extent of the pattern knowledge you need, and this information would allow you to naturally arrive at the patterns honpe in this book.

You have a queue, something sends messages into the queue, something else pulls messages off to process them. This book is definitely worth reading for any sort of engineer doing “enterprisey” architecture-like work.


The messaging pattern language follows a message’s flow, presenting root patterns for each major component of an integration solution. Contact him at ozimmerm hsr. Can they benefit from your patterns?

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions

Essentially, I am now Bobby’s customer. Be the first to ask a question about Enterprise Integration Patterns.

When he wrote Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture2 Kyle Brown pointed out that his pattern language was not addressing asynchronous messaging.

I am really glad that I did. Most of the patterns in the language apply to both queued and unqueued messaging. It’s slightly out of date, so it mentions evolving asynchronous web services, but doesn’t really cover them.

Point to Point Channel How can the caller be sure that exactly one receiver will receive the document or perform the call? I’ve worked on a few systems that used enterprise-level messaging and I thought I had a good handle on the space but I picked up the book anyway just to deepen my knowledge. It certainly helps integration developers that many of our patterns are implemented in the ESB platforms, but this is not required for all pattern languages.

May 24, Maxim Dilovski rated it really liked it Shelves: A book that exploits messaging for enterprises. Nov 30, Skyhard rated it really liked it.

Messaging systems aren’t going anywhere, and they have a lot of advantages.

Claim Check How can we reduce the data volume of message sent across the system without sacrificing information content? Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. The introduction to each pattern chapter, as well as the related-patterns section for each pattern, helps guide the reader on which patterns can be used in combination and which are alternative choices.

We wanted to focus on what to do. A eureka moment early on was when we discovered that we’re not documenting how to implement a messaging system, but how to use one. In today’s increasingly asynchronous-focused architectures, they’re more relevant than ever.


A Decade of Enterprise Integration Patterns: A Conversation with the Authors

A very thorough compedium of integration patterns with a focus on messaging integration style. Skip to main content. Articles by Cesare Pautasso. Selective Consumer How can a message consumer select which messages it wishes to receive? Gave it five stars because of the breadth and depth of content. Message Filter How can a component avoid receiving uninteresting messages?

It also explores in detail the advantages and limitations of asynchronous messaging architectures.

For example, the root pattern of our language is Messaging. I read the book to the extent of filling in the holes in my knowledge where I need to, and to be aware of other alternatives available.

Refresh and try again. Overly verbose, repetitive and clinical. When I first looked at this book years ago, JMS and the like were sort of falling out of favor, but recently they’ve become en vogue again, so I decided it was time to finally check this pahterns off the list.

We felt that pages is plenty!

A Decade of Enterprise Integration Patterns: A Conversation with the Authors

How do we handle a situation where the implementation of a single logical function e. Apr 28, Evgeny Rusak rated it really liked it. This is a long book but surprisingly easy to read, and engaging enough to read cover-to-cover.

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How do you inspect messages that travel on a point-to-point channel? And pattrrns a lot of reviewers and constant feedback, a hundred heads are even better.