This page contains information about the Service Manual for the EPS Plus from Ensoniq Corporation. Hello Gslutz, im searching for schematics for the Ensoniq EPS Can someone help You wont find the service manual for free on the web. 21 EPS—16 PLUS Service Manual Table of Contents — 1 Table of Contents . For more information about the Poly-Key Keyboard assembly, see ENSONIQ.

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Servie all cables connected to the EPS, including the Power cable. With the board tilted on a slight angle, insert the jacks into the holes in the rear panel. Place the plastic mounting standoff onto the Memory Expander PC board.

Contact your distributor if you are located outside the U. The module ears were not designed to fit into the recessed area. Do not tighten the screws any further.

The Disk Drive test is run approximately every ten minutes and takes about five minutes to run. The following flowcharts can help you diagnose units that appear dead no display.

If you must replace a Main Board with a 1 Main Board, three cables must be replaced. The Main Board communicates with the Keyboard assembly over a two-line asynchronous interface carried by the pin Keyboard assembly ribbon cable.

Large original over-sized drawings will need to be taped together. Mono Output and Headphone Test. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Attach the new main board power cable to the power supply at J4 and to the main board at J While holding onto the Power Supply board with one hand, remove the three screws from the bottom that attach it to the base.


Power up, test the unit, aid re-attach the lid see below.

Single Function Effect Mixer When you release the keys, the notes should sustain. Ac Line Voltage Measurements ESP Effects Test 2 a. Reconnect the two cables, paying particular attention to the alignment of pins and connectors.

ennsoniq Ac Line In Remove the four 4 screws that secure the control panel with servcie 2. The Disk Drive Read and Write tests are run approximately every ten minutes and take about five minutes to ran.

Plug headphones directly into the Headphones jack. Remove the two 2 screws and nuts that secure the Filter to the case. Place the unit upside down on a soft surface and remove the ten 10 screws that attach the Keyboard to the case.

The modules communicate with each other using serial communication ports Whenever a key is played on the Keyboard, for example, the Keyboard microprocessor transmits this information to the microprocessor on the Main Board. Instead, the display will read: The Servicce ripple on these pins should be less than 50mV.

This has been fixed in 1. When resaving a manal sound, it was possible to end up with part one saved twice, thereby making it impossible to reload. Install the new Line Filter from the inside of the base using the screws, star washers and nuts.

Ensoniq Corporation – EPS Plus – Service Manual

Hum or buzz in audio output. When listening to the appended version, you realize that the EPS has only transferred some tracks. Connect the pin ribbon cable making sure that the striped side is on pin 1. Adjusting Loop Position Ensonjq should check these before troubleshooting the rest of the unit.


Ensoniq EPS 16+ Service Manual

Be sure to install all screws into manua Control Panel with a hand screw driver to avoid stripping the holes see Important Things to Know – page 3. Checking The Software Version Please read this carefully. Remove the control panel see Section B. Punching In” On A Track Place the Control Panel face down on a soft surface.

Why won’t the EPS let me edit converted Mirage sounds? Plug the Mono to Stereo cable into the Left mono side and Ft. Gently slide the Keyboard toward the rear of the unit, lowering the front of the Keyboard as needed to clear the control panel mounting tabs.

ENSONIQ EPS Service Manual

Due to the complexity of the modules involved, it is often difficult to determine which module is at fault when a communications problem occurs. It is easily visible servuce accessible without removing the keyboard. Now, fully tighten the two threaded mounting studs on the D-type connector.

Replace the Main Board screws and secure the jacks with the nuts. This should be done ONLY as a diagnostic function. If they do fall out, see Figure 13 for button color placement Installing 4. Immediately place the defective drive into the anti-static bag that the new drive came in.