EMAKO BLUE is a strong second novel for Brenda Woods and a worthy follow-up to her award-winning debut, THE RED ROSE BOX. Emako is. The Paperback of the Emako Blue by Brenda Woods at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Readers can become immersed not only in the story of Emako’s short life, but that of Monterey, her middle-class friend; Jamal, a “player” with.

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Although it covers some mature topics, the book was This book pictures a young girl named Emako Blue, in which the author, Brenda Woods, writes about events that lead up to Emako’s death through the eyes of her and her friends. In fact, the only obscenity here is that Brenda Woods can write such a heartbreaking story and have it ring so utterly true in America. Eddie wants to go to college and become very educated.

This book didn’t have any inappropriate scenes or moments, so any mature reader could read it. I hope this answered your question. Sep 14, Alan rated it it was amazing.

Mar 09, Christine Gaza rated it it was ok. Emako had a wonderful life, and was even offered a record deal at one of her schools’ performances. As she went outside to get the phone back from her brother a car drove by and the bullet aimed for her brother took Emako’s life instead. Jul 09, Anna rated it really liked it.

Booklist Review

Jackson rated it liked it. Confidence was all around her and I took some of it with me when Mr.

Monterey has gained the confidence to go into a arelationship with a rmako named Eddie. You can also relate this book to the society today. A fast read that I’m sure young teens would enjoy. Each character has to face the future knowing that their friend won’t be apart of it and some have to live with the things they did that they wished never happened. This book will teach you the lesson of never getting involved with bad people because it could change your life in the blink emakp an eye.


Emako is even nice to wealthy but unhappy Savannah, who is jealous of her.

Emako Blue, by Brenda Woods | Booklist Online

The shifting viewpoints create interesting perspectives on the story, but with so little space devoted to each speaker, characterizations sometimes feel superficial. Eddie–one of several characters with an older sibling behind bars–is desperately clawing his way through high school in hopes of fleeing to a college Anywhere Else in order to escape the fate that awaits so many young brothers who remain behind.

Books by Brenda Woods. Which that keeps me reading and having to find out what happened to cause that situation.


Why does such a large proportion of America emakk it’s fair to have the rich leaping at huge tax cut windfalls funded by record deficits–irretrievably widening the gap between the two Americas–while the urban poor of that “other America” continue to jump at every loud noise, hoping that it won’t be the last noise they hear? However, one day something tragic happens to Emako Blue that no one will never ever forget!

All of these teenagers had their lives figured out. Emako who was the starting and ending point in the story was born in a very unsafe town.

Bblue 10, Adrianna Paulette rated it really liked it. I think the notion of that right has about as much validity today as does having slaves count as three-fifths of a person.

Trivia About Emako Blue. Emako herself was falling wmako Jamal as she was the only girl he ever truly cared about, the one who saw the good guy he really was. The teens’ world is torn apart as they mourn their senseless loss. Although it covers some mature topics, the book was very easy to read. Steered by perceptive dialogue, the story takes readers from Emako’s funeral, through flashbacks, to the moment she is killed, to the shock and sorrow that follow her death, bringing it full circle.


He made some pretty bad decisions, and some of them put bluw in danger. Woods returns to L. Interpersonal relations — Juvenile emaok.

Dec 21, Marcus Albers rated it it was amazing. Emako Blu is about five characters who were very close friends. I was about a young girl named Emako who died at a young age. Make this your default list.

I would recommend this book for students twelve and up because some content can be inappropriate for students under twelve. And there’s Jamal, whose modest attempts to portray himself as a player cannot disguise the fact that he proves to be thoroughly sweet inside.

Emako Blue by Brenda Woods | : Books

The story changes points of view every chapter. Ekamo had a bestfriend named Monterey. As soon as Eamko picked up, I knew it might be one of the first books I bluee cried over. Emako Blue is a book that shows different views of emaok characters through chapters. I think everyone has their own way to tell a story and this book does an excellent job in doing so.

Normally, I find books WoooooWwwwwww. Overal I would recomend this book to some else since it is just one of those books that will never bore you. I think that this book tries to portray a complex story in a short amount of time which I didn’t enjoy, but I enjoyed the story line and the characters.

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