Publicada por aclamación pública en Argentina, El anatomista de Federico Andahazi lleva a los lectores a Venecia en el siglo XVI. Pues este es. And only now Federico Andahazi dares to reveal the major mystery. Como en Las Piadosas, El Anatomista (que fue antes) es una novela con descripciones. anatomista [la historia del descubrimiento que pudo revolucionar el amor]. User Review – Not Available – Book Verdict. Mateo Colon, an anatomist of the.

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The essay runs in an hypothesis through all his work: The Renaissance is on, but there’s still belief in witchcraft and demons, women are very I’ve had this book in my house almost four years and I’ve only just gotten around to reading it. Sly, witty and a bit dark are the first characteristics to list of this novel set feferico the Inquisition.

El Anatomista by Federico Andahazi | : Books

That is to say, six ducats more expensive than adnahazi legendary Lenna Grifa. In addition I thought it was tastefully erotic. Put modern day sensibilities away when you read this – it is not designed to be an official doctrine for women in today’s climate. Let the orgasms begin! And if you poke them, they’ll love you. El perfume feat El nombre de la rosa.


The Anatomist

To view it, click here. Then follows the line up of deluded witnesses who reckon they’ve seen him dancing with demons and what have you. But as far as historical-literary-medical-religious smut, this book is rather balanced.

Also, Andahazi repeats himself too much and Andahazi repeats himself too much.

Whereas Colombus voyaged outward to explore the world and found the Americas, Mateo Colombo looked inward, across the mons veneris, and uncovered the clitoris. Tiene dosis de intriga misterio y muy muy hilarante por momentos.

His “research” is documented in his treatise “De re anatomica” delivers him in front of the Catholic Church for heresy. Uno de mis autores favoritos. Before he starts off his story, there’s a couple of very short introduction chapters all the chapters in this book are short.

Kinetic fluids which contain the soul become trapped in the clitoris.

El Anatomista by Federico Andahazi – Teacher’s Guide – : Books

He managed to argue his way out of the death sentence, helped on by a letter from a dying Pope wanting his services, but it was agreed that fedetico could never publish his findings. Por momentos te olvidas que lo escribio un autor argentino.

I was fascinated, creeped out and amused–quite the combination and quite the book. The writer, from Argentina, seems to have the same fluidity as a number of other excellent writers from there.

The writing is luscious in its descriptiveness.

Even Sigmund Freud might be jealous. I don’t suppose this was written with the purpose of creating an unpleasant reading experience, and in fact is probably trying to say something clever about sex and women.


Although I don’t know whether it’s ever referred to as that. He has the man breastfed from wet nurses and drinking the blood of girls under ten who are selected and murdered for this purpose. Refresh and try again. The discovery of the clitoris can’t come out, suggesting that women have a female penis, could be equal to men etc etc. Some people are burned at the stake. I’ve had this book in my house almost four years and I’ve only just gotten around to reading it.

Yeah, it could have been longer, but then it could not be read in a single sitting. The mixture of citations of primary sources like Christine fedsrico Pisan and Aristotle with scholarship from twentieth century historians was a nice touch, especially when the fictional scholars were thrown in too. It’s just a bit andahaiz.

Lo novedoso es el tema y la forma en que el autor nos lo presenta.