Edward Leedskalnin bases his unified field theory on detailed observations he made from direct experimentation with magnetism and electricity. Leedskalnin. Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). 2 Ed Leedskalnin/Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current And Magnetic Base · 3 Ed Leedskalnin/Ed Ed Leedskalnin Collection. Topics Magic.

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Each particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and both North and South Pole individual magnets. Now take the three-foot long soft steel welding rod. You do not get one- half of the magnets in the steel or iron leerskalnin from those which are in the coil. He also published an advertisement. Now you know how the alternating magnetic currents are made.

It was published, February 3rd Most of the chains are folded over in irregular shapes and between several beads in a chain there is a bigger bead and sometimes there is one, two or more beads hanging outside the chain, and sometimes I can see one, two or leedskaljin beads floating separately. It is well known that it is many mafnetic easier for the magnets to run in metal than in air, now you see when the magnets run in the wire they hesitate to run out of the wire across the same way as they came in, so more of the new magnets are coming in the wire crosswise, then they can get out crosswise, so they get pushed out through the wire lengthwise.

To prove it you put five or six thin iron strips on edge, slant just so they will not flop over, now approach to the ends of those strips with a magnet and you will see they flop over, hold the strips a little loose by the ends.

It looks something like this: That is why we are not educated. Disclaimer and Limits of Liability. Now put the soft iron wire in the clips, put the loose ends together, and pull them away. This time when bar magnet approaches the hanging magnets will spread out. They are magneticc across the wire. Now I know the right path the Earth follows.


Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC BASE, SOUND BASE

You only got in the steel wire very edd part of the magnets that came out of the copper wire. It will not bsse economical, it is only to show how a transformer works. The individual North or South Pole magnets are then one one in the same with the only difference being their direcection of travel relative to one another. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Physicists tell that each atom which builds up lefdskalnin Zinc has thirty protons, and thirty electrons, but when the Zinc is taken into parts by the acid in a battery, then only the North and South pole individual magnets are coming out of the battery, and not a single proton or electron shows up.

An Alnico magnet about three inches long, two and one-half inches wide, one-inch thick. Get a permanent magnet bar four inches long.

Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version)

When the coil begins to move away from the middle of the U shape magnet and the currents begin to run then the magnets which are in the wire begin to slant, but this time the North Pole magnets are pointing West the same as the coil’s wire end where the North Pole magnet current come out and South Pole magnets pointing East the same as the coil’s wire end where the South Pole magnet current came out.

Stay yourself West, put car battery South side of the box positive terminal Currejt, negative terminal West, get two flexible leads maynetic four clips to fit lewdskalnin battery and the bare copper wire, connect the East end of the copper wire magnetc positive terminal, clip the West end of the copper wire with the West side flexible lead, leave the connection with negative terminal open.


To ef I close my eyes and then I open one eye just a little to look at the blue sky. Donate to Receive Leedskalnin’s Original Writings. The mathematics behind modern electromagnetic theory may have been originally intended to explain the dynamics postulated on this website.

The Complete Writings of Edward Leedskalnin

When the first bubble appears then the succeeding bubbles are coming out of the first bubble and are running or coming out in a regular line one after another. Wd rough estimation the earth’s South magnetic pole is two hundred and sixty miles West from the same meridian the earth’s North magnetic pole is gase.

I like your style! Audio book e-versions of the writings are also included. From the following experiment you will see that the battery is not balanced right.

This can be proven in many different ways as Leedskalnin teaches. This is the way the alternating currents are made. Put U shape magnet one inch from loop, north pole south side of the loop. Get four pieces of wire size sixteen, six inches long, two copper and two soft iron, bend one end of each wire back so the clips can hold it better.

Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets

They hold together this earth and everything on it, and they hold together the moon, too. In general these North and South Pole individual magnets are circulating in the same way as in the permanent magnet metal. Now put the magnet so that it can be turned vertically.

Show the base where it came from, and show how the thing functions. I can make a flash of light from them. It pushed them out. In the light bulbs the wire is so small that all magnets cannot pass through easily, so they heat the wire up and burn and make light.